Safe working remotely.
Without compromise
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Remote VPN access for users

Remote users using laptops, tablets, and smartphones are fully protected. Using a OneWAN Client or clientless browser access, these users connect to the nearest OneWAN PoP.

Always securely connected
also outside the office

Remote users’ traffic is fully inspected by OneWAN’s security stack, ensuring enterprise-grade protection to users everywhere. Compromising on security or forcing a painful backhaul into a datacenter firewall is no longer a trade-off customers need to make.

Retrieving data traffic through a central firewall or “VPN concentrator” is no longer necessary (backhaul or “hair pinning”). The digital performance for your remote employee is therefore only limited by the speed of his/her local Internet connection.
Because there is no more network hardware in your data center, you avoid the management burden and additional hassle. In this way, all data flows are optimally and securely routed, whether it concerns business applications in your Data Center (“on-premise”) or in the Cloud.

What downside does SD-WAN have?

Despite many advantages, there are also pitfalls of SDWAN. This article focuses on this.


Always securely connected
also outside the office