Why the urgency to migrate to SASE SD-WAN?

It is certain in advance that SASE SD-WAN is attracting increasing interest. Before attempting to answer this question, it is important to know the definition of disruptive innovation:

Why the urgency
to migrate to SASE SD-WAN?

migrate to SASE SD-WAN

What characterizes disruptive innovation?

Disruptive innovation is drastic change. Often caused by the emergence of new technology. Traditional solutions are being replaced by better methods. Disruptive innovation makes certain products or services disappear from the market. There is also a negative word with it, namely ‘disruption’ or is that positive? It just depends from which side one looks at it; we also enjoyed long playing records, but nowadays we have Spotify. Typewriters have disappeared, but luckily we have received keyboards in many more places to communicate with each other. There are countless examples of technologies that have brought us a lot over the years.

SASE SD-WAN is disruptive!

That is in any case the opinion of Johan Stins, CFO of IPknowledge. This can be explained by a challenging question: Do you currently know exactly the fixed costs per month of your MPLS network and the associated security devices? Think of firewalls, VPN concentrators, routers and monitoring tools. Another question: Is all this ‘dedicated infrastructure’ still necessary to keep your company, including home workers, safe? With SASE SD-WAN you can now purchase all this ‘as a Service’, from the cloud. This gives every IT manager, but also the CFO, insight into all monthly costs. These costs are transparent and clear, despite the continuously changing threats that one faces in the cyber world. This makes it easier for IT departments to plan.

More and more companies are therefore opting for SASE SD-WAN as the basis for their WAN infrastructure. IPknowledge notices this too. We have seen a significant increase in SASE SD-WAN revenue this year. A modern network infrastructure with transparent costs appears to be a good formula. This makes it attractive for companies to invest in SASE SD-WAN, partly because the investment has a short payback period. Customers can realize significant cost savings soon after implementation.

In this video, our CFO, Johan Stins, explains to you how insight into network costs is obtained. He also gives three reasons why he chose to join IPknowledge and tells you more about both Network-as-a-Service and Visibility-as-a-Service.

Disruptive in doing business differently

In addition, SD-WAN could be called disruptive to the way we do business with each other today. For example, organizations have been accustomed for years to depend on large telecom organizations for their networks. When delivering an SD-WAN solution, a more flexible approach is taken to see who can guarantee the best price-performance ratio for connectivity where in the world. That only brings benefits.

IPknowledge is responding to this with the innovative Network-as-a-Service concept. This allows companies to outsource the entire WAN management at a very favorable price. Because Network-as-a-Service is a modular concept, IPknowledge can perfectly respond to the different needs of customers in terms of network management.

In our view, being disruptive also means that we are always there to help with the best solution for the customer, increasingly taking into account the hybrid worker, anywhere in the world. “Is that different from others?”, you may be thinking. Well, if that means that multiple solutions and alternatives are offered without being at the mercy of a brand…

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