What kind of updates can I expect during an Internet Access delivery?

During your Internet Access delivery, your service delivery manager will stay in touch with you regularly regarding the status and next steps of all delivery activities for all the Internet Access lines you have ordered with IPknowledge. Your internet access delivery updates will a regular process over a period of time.

These status updates can be sent for several reasons:

Information requests:

IPknowledge requires more information to continue the delivery of this line. Some ideal examples of this are the location of the demarcation point, the name and contact details of the local contact, or their backup in case the local contact is on holiday.

Visit requests:

Throughout the delivery process, there will be several visits scheduled. We will find the most suitable dates with your local contacts and keep you in the loop of all communications happening with them. You and the local contact will be informed of the purpose and actions before and during the visit. Additionally, written confirmation will be provided to ensure that the visit has been successfully planned.

Delivery completion:

When the Internet Access line has been completely delivered, you will be informed of this.

Technical handover:

After the successful completion of the delivery, we will share the technical handover with you, which contains all the details that you need to configure your LAN.


You expect your delivery to be as smooth as possible and we understand that. However, sometimes the experienced delivery team requires assistance to expedite the process. Should such a situation arise, you will be informed about the situation and the necessary steps to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Weekly updates:

In addition to these ad-hoc updates, your service delivery manager will diligently give you a weekly update containing the current status and next steps of all the lines you have in delivery. For ease of reference, the update will be shared as an Excel file attached to a weekly email, which also includes the estimated delivery date for every line.

Your service delivery manager will always aim to make the delivery as smooth as possible for you. These updates will show you the process and progress, and challenges being tackled, and the Service Delivery manager will gladly answer any questions you may have about these updates. If you need to understand more about your Internet access delivery updates, don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

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