What is the economic impact of the Cato SASE Cloud?

Forrester Consulting Report

The answer? Much bigger than we thought! We are proud to be a Cato Networks partner for many years supplying Cato SASE SD-WAN solutions to our customers.
To independently measure Cato Networks’ potential financial impact and return on investment (ROI), Cato Networks commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact TM (TEI) study. They were impressed by the success these companies achieved with the Cato SASE Cloud. To be fair, so do we.


Potential impact
and ROI from Cato Networks
Investigated by
Forrester Consulting

What is the economic impact of the Cato SASE Cloud?


Economic impact in 5 areas

The study shows that Cato SASE Cloud helps to:

  1. Reduce costs
  2. Eliminate overhead
  3. Decommission legacy systems
  4. Improve security
  5. Improve performance

Do you want to see the impressive figures?

Download the Total Economic Impact TM (TEI) study here and find, among other things, that the payback period of SASE SD-WAN is less than 6 months and millions of euros are saved by customers that invested in this solution, including its use, maintenance and management. The ROI is no less than 246%!

Significant cost savings

The study shows that Cato Networks has the potential to save $3.8 million by reducing operation and maintenance costs over three years. This is because network and security engineers with legacy systems spend more time managing systems than optimizing them. With Cato SASE SD-WAN this is no longer the case, because this is a managed solution for customers and within the hour anyone within the IT team understands the idea behind it and its management becomes very easy and transparent in a clear dashboard (We’re happy to show it to you).

Additionally, expensive hardware is a major issue for IT and security teams. It requires maintenance, upgrades, fixes, fiddling with firewalls and VPN connections, and integrations with other platforms. By retiring all systems replaced by Cato SASE SD-WAN, organizations can save $2.2 million over three years.

Flexible and scalable in times of take-overs and relocations

Another interesting fact emerges from the study. Cato SASE SD-WAN is like an ‘office in a box’. This means that you can quickly unwrap a new office as a gift when it comes to global connections. With old legacy systems (MPLS), a lot of time and money is lost when transporting or transferring equipment to new locations. In addition, all kinds of technical personnel must be present and many technical employees need to fly around the world. With Cato SASE SD-WAN, an IT employee can quickly connect new locations and have them visible and ready in the management portal. Just from any workplace with a good internet connection. Otherwise, we can do it for you, with our Managed Network Services.

What economic impact does Cato SASE SD-WAN have for your organization?

We are happy to help you with the calculations and also make it clear how we can make an impact in taking your overall digital security to an even higher level.

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