What is Internet Access uptime?


When it comes to evaluating the quality of your Service instance or Internet Access line, it is based on the Uptime or “Availability.” Uptime is calculated by dividing the time your Service is available by the total time in a given period, represented as a percentage. Your Service availability will be measured on a monthly basis.

What are some of the external factors that your team can cause that can affect uptime?

However, please note that certain events are excluded from the calculation of uptime, including:

  • Simultaneous failure of one or more international submarine cable systems

  • If your power supply isn’t stable or if there’s a or lack of backup (like UPS, voltage stabilizers, or lightning protection) and there are no security measures against theft and damage

  • Any equipment or software that is owned or supplied by you or the end customer

  • Planned and Emergency Maintenance

  • If there’s a big Force Majeure event or if there are any local laws or customs or regulations that get in the way

  • If you don’t let the vendor, like IPknowledge, or its local suppliers, have access to a site or its equipment or provide facilities that they need to fix a service outage

  • If you’re causing a delay in fixing an Incident during a Service Outage.

Be aware of these factors that can affect your Internet Access uptime to ensure the quality of your Internet Access line.


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