What happens when your bandwidth exceeds the licensed limit?

One notable aspect mentioned is that Cato does not impose traffic limitations, providing users with a remarkable level of freedom and flexibility. This means that users are not restricted or throttled in terms of the amount of data they can transfer, allowing for seamless connectivity and unhindered productivity. For instance, a small site equipped with a dual 50Mbps Internet connection typically utilizes around 25Mbps (95 percentile) on average, ensuring a reliable and consistent network performance. However, under certain circumstances, this site can experience bursts of up to 100Mbps, enabling efficient handling of sudden spikes in traffic and demanding workloads.

While Cato does not enforce strict traffic limitations, it is important to highlight that they actively monitor traffic utilization. This proactive approach ensures the network’s stability and performance for all users. In cases where there is an unreasonable overuse of bandwidth, Cato promptly notifies the users, indicating that an upgrade to their licensing plan may be necessary to accommodate the increased demands. This allows organizations to have a clear understanding of their network requirements and make informed decisions to optimize their infrastructure accordingly.

Having a thorough understanding of Cato’s licensing model is essential for effective network management and budget allocation. By gaining insight into the specifics of the bandwidth-based licensing structure and the flexibility it offers, organizations can align their network resources with their business needs and make well-informed decisions. This empowers them to optimize their network infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity, and maximizing the value of their investment. Additionally, understanding the licensing model helps organizations proactively plan for future growth and scalability, enabling them to adapt to changing demands and stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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