What does the visibility on the WAN performance look like on the Cato platform?

Your team will have real-time access to the entire Wide Area Network visibility through a single view. The level of visibility offered includes the following 20 features:

  1. Real-time event viewer: You can view events as they happen and filter them according to your needs.

  2. Site and VPN User overview: Get a comprehensive overview of total, upstream, and downstream throughput for each site and VPN user.

  3. Application Analytics: Analyze application usage, throughput, flows, and users/hosts on a per-site and per-VPN user basis. You can easily filter the data based on your requirements.

  4. Layer-7 Application Usage: Gain insights into the specific applications being used.

  5. Top Application Overview: See the most frequently used applications across the network.

  6. Top Users/Hosts: Identify the top users and hosts generating network traffic.

  7. Destinations: Understand the destinations that network traffic is being sent to.

  8. Audit trail: Keep track of network activity with a detailed audit trail.

  9. Detailed statistics per site and per link: Access granular statistics with a 5-second granularity, including peak and average throughput, packet loss, QoS discards, tunnel age and distance (latency), and jitter.

  10. Last Mile loss and distance: Monitor the loss and distance of the last mile connection.

  11. Real-Time Site statistics per Internet link: View real-time statistics for each site’s internet link, including application usage, throughput, jitter, loss, discards, distance (latency), and site status snapshots.

  12. QoS Priority Analyser: Analyze throughput, delay, discards, top hosts, and applications based on Quality of Service (QoS) priorities.

  13. Known Host overview: Get an overview of known hosts, including hostname, IP address, MAC address, last seen, and lease time.

  14. DHCP Pools overview: Monitor DHCP pool allocation and availability.

  15. Threats Dashboard: Access an extensive dashboard for filtering and forensic analysis of threats. It includes information on top threats, a timeline of events, top countries associated with threats, IPS events with top hosts and users, DNS protection information such as domain and host details, and anti-malware data highlighting top files, hosts, and users.

  16. MITRE ATT&CK Dashboard: Identify the type of attack events, top techniques used, and tactics observed over time.

  17. Top Security Events: Stay informed about the most critical security events.

  18. Cloud Apps Dashboard (subscription-based): If you choose to subscribe, you can access a dashboard that provides information on high-risk apps, discovered apps, total users, network usage, sanctioned and unsanctioned apps, app risk breakdown, top categories, app geolocation, and more.

  19. DLP (Data Leak Prevention) Dashboard (subscription-based): Another subscription-based dashboard is available for Data Leak Prevention. It provides insights into the top violating rules, violations over time, events categorized by action, severity, and country, and top hosts and violations based on data profile and file type.

  20. SDP User Dashboard: Monitor active, historic, and licensed users with an overview of their geographical distribution and operating system usage.


In conclusion, by utilizing the wide range of features provided, your team will have real-time access to comprehensive monitoring and can perform analysis on your Wide Area Network visibility. With a single view, you can gain valuable insights, optimize performance, and take control of your network like never before.

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