What does the Premium Partner status of Cato Networks mean for you as a customer?

In May 2021, Cato Networks announced plans to expand their global partner program. One year later, IPknowledge has received the highest status as a Premium Partner. We are of course very proud of that. But what does this status mean for you as an existing or new customer

What does
the Premium Partner status
of Cato Networks
mean for you as a customer?

Premium Partner status

An even better and faster SASE support

That’s because we get all support-related information from Cato Networks: directly from the source. The lines are short and it feels like working together in one team. In this way, we are in fact a fully-fledged technical extension of Cato Networks, in areas such as secure internet access, mobility and management.

Extra security

Premier Partner status is only given to partners who also have proven technical expertise. For example in the field of migrating from MPLS to SASE, but also how stability and speed are achieved by implementing optimizations within global networks. This extra security is confirmed by the large number of new customers who have joined us in 2022.

Innovate together

As we already mentioned, IPknowledge is a full extension of the Cato support team. This also means that we can add our own software and services we develop, for example in the field of 24/7 monitoring, on the Cato platform. It fits with two important core values ​​of ours: ‘Be proactive’ and ‘Here to help’. If innovative services can serve multiple organizations, there is no reason not to let others benefit as well. Anywhere in the world.

That’s why we innovate together. For example, our colleague Claudia Costa, Head of Digital Product, who leads automation to improve (digital) customer interaction, recently decided to move IPknowledge’s software development team to Valencia, Spain, and work remotely for two weeks.

In this way, a specific development was released in an ultra short time, completing our first Cato-themed hackathon. The result for our clients and prospects: to obtain detailed price proposals more quickly and easily. This demonstrates how we are constantly improving our Network as a Service, based on SASE SD-WAN from Cato Networks.


We would like to thank Mark Draper (EMEA Channel Director of Cato Networks) and Rene van Loenen (Channel Manager Benelux & Nordics of Cato Networks) for the trust shown.

‘Here to help’, our third core value, we do even more together!

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