Tsunami of change in network security

Tsunami of change in network security

The future of network security is in the Cloud, according to renowned research firm Gartner. The edges of business locations are blurring whilst applications and services are being delivered from the Cloud. Read here where the major changes are taking place and which challenges can be solved by putting your network security in the Cloud.

Digital business via apps

A growing number of business apps are being delivered from the cloud to users on mobile devices. The reality is that this consumption is not always secure. This is because the underlying network and security architectures are often outdated. Most of these corporate networks were deployed before the cloud era. 

International networks need to deal with Cloud, but what do major brands think of this?

Gartner says the following: “In a modern enterprise, users, devices, applications and cloud services are everywhere. That is why secure access must also be everywhere ”. This requires optimal flexibility, availability and accessibility of networks and their security.

Major security software providers have generally been preaching “buy more of what we offer”. And we still see that happening today. These providers are now trying to adapt, switching to delivery from the Cloud. However, this often still involves the same on-premise security software, which now runs in the Cloud. Is that the right solution? In any case, it is not cloud native, a bit like putting DVD players in a data center and then calling it a Netflix service. You only buy a virtual copy of what you already have had for years.

A cloud ready network needs cloud-native security

When multiple users access many apps from multi-cloud environments, central monitoring is still needed to guard against threats such as  malware. As global organizations switch to the use of SaaS applications, such as Microsoft Office 365, the need arises to also arrange digital security at international level. The more international the company is, the larger the challenge for its CIO.

The final conclusion

Large organizations that are looking to organize their security structurally well need a cloud-native architecture. In an earlier blog, we already showed the video that made it clear that continuing to build on traditional network architecture is not only expensive and complex, but also does not benefit digital security.

Thanks to Gartner

It is a great compliment that Gartner sees our OneWAN cloud-native solution as a possible winner compared to on-premise alternatives. We are an independent provider of global connectivity to ensure digital performance for an app-driven world. We provide your international secure network ‘as a service’, centrally orchestrated and monitored 24/7 from our DPC, Digital Performance Center, in Amsterdam. 

Is your global network also ready for Cloud?

If you have a Gartner account, you can download the Gartner report “The future of network security is in the Cloud” (*gated content – user needs to leave name and email*). Of course you can also contact us, we would be happy to tell you more about our “Network-as-a-Service” and how it can benefit you.

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