The similarity between packets and IP packets …

The similarity between packets and IP packets …

“A freight parcel can be compared to an IP parcel, because without a good infrastructure they both end up in a traffic jam and arrive too late at the final destination”. This catchy statement comes from Rob Verheijen, IT Manager Europe at the global logistics service provider Mainfreight. He has a responsible job, partly because Mainfreight wants to double to 85 locations in 13 different countries within 4 to 5 years. He chose IPknowledge to arrange internet lines in a large number of countries and this is why:

Internet is by no means self-evident everywhere

Mainfreight’s growth ambition can only be achieved if there is a stable infrastructure in all countries and internet lines with a high digital performance. Without it, trucks cannot drive, ships cannot sail and warehouses remain empty. However, arranging internet lines involves more than most people would initially think. “In the Netherlands we can be happy with our infrastructure, the construction of our houses and the state of our technology, but in other countries all this is not self-evident,” says Rob. But there could be more to it. In Manchester (UK), for example, it turned out that lawyers were needed because an owner of an adjacent building had to give permission for the installation of an internet line.

Client case: Mainfreight:
The similarity between packets and IP packets …

IP packetsNo hassle and focus on what’s important

Rob is very clear: “The Internet just has to be there and I don’t want it to be a hassle. Not because it is not important, but because we are there to help the business, including delivering the right applications. In addition, international IT projects require a lot of my time and attention. ” That is why Mainfreight went looking for a single central point of contact who would manage and manage all contracts for internet lines. Telecom independence later turned out to play an important role, but there was something that appealed in advance during the talks with IPknowledge.

Equivalent business ethics

Mainfreight’s culture has an “anything is possible” mentality. This means that human values ​​such as being straightforward, keeping agreements and wanting to solve challenges on time are extremely important. “Just do what you promised”, is how Rob puts it. It turned out that two parties found each other.

“IPknowledge stands next to the customer, makes no bones about it when there are problems, calls proactively when there is something wrong and resolves problems at lightning speed with a few specialized people. Corporate or government-driven organizations do not suit us when it comes to internet lines, because they cannot keep up with our pace ”

The result of our collaboration

Internet lines for Belgium, Germany, England, the Netherlands, Romania and Russia are all managed and managed by IPknowledge. “Thanks to their many years of experience in the telecom industry, they, as an independent party, also know how to find the right mix between costs and digital performance. It is expected that we will also hand over the management and management of internet lines for new branches to them ”, Rob concludes.

About Mainfreight

Mainfreight is a global logistics service provider that offers customer-specific and preferably integrated warehousing, transport and distribution solutions for its customers. Mainfreight continues to strengthen its global position, with offices in New Zealand, America, Australia, Asia and Europe. Customers of the Mainfreight Group can count on:

  • An “anything is possible” attitude;
  • An obligation to deliver freight shipments on time and damage-free and to resolve any issues promptly and fairly when they arise;
  • Service improvement through reinvestments in people, facilities, equipment and technologies.


On behalf of IPknowledge, we would like to thank Rob Verheijen for sharing his experiences

Download: IPknowledge internet access brochure

Internet access is indispensable for any business. In addition, the speed experienced by the end user depends on many factors.
There are more and more options, (local) internet service providers and variants available.


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