How is a site survey conducted for Internet Access?

Is a site survey mandatory for Internet Access?

A site survey may optionally be needed in order to determine the scope and timing of the works needed to deliver the Internet Access service at your new site. Basically, that means the vendor needs to check out the location and figure out what needs to be done in order to get the internet set up. This could include things like figuring out where the best spot is to connect the internet in the building, like a demarcation point and doing any necessary cabling work.

How is it conducted?

Sometimes, the site survey is done by the Internet Services Provider before you sign up for the Internet services, so you can get a more accurate quote. But due to unforeseen circumstances, it might happen after you’ve already signed up, and might find out there are some extra charges that they didn’t originally anticipate. In that case, the provider will need your permission to go ahead with the extra charges or you could even cancel the order if you don’t want to pay them.

It’s important to note that in some countries or office buildings, there could be extra costs involved with setting up the internet that you might not have originally known about. This could include

  • Legal costs to allow cabling works to reach the demarcation point

  • The cost of cabling works itself (such as the drilling for the installation of ducts)

  • Fees from the building owner to allow the internet service provider to do the Internet Access Services installation and delivery.

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