SD-WAN focus of world players! Microsoft, Citrix and…

SD-WAN focus of world players! Microsoft, Citrix and…

It is the strong statement by Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, that there are major developments in SD-WAN, software-defined networks in a wide area, and leading global brands are collaborating. It brings other ways of working together, even safer, even faster. What did Satya Nadella state?

“As organizations everywhere adapt to new ways of work, they will need to reimagine how and where work gets done. Together with Citrix, we will apply the power of Azure to this challenge and help our customers seamlessly and securely connect their employees to their applications so that they can be more flexible and productive wherever they are. ”

The even closer collaboration between Microsoft and Citrix

Microsoft puts a lot of effort into delivering applications to the end user even safer and faster. A quick and secure connection to Microsoft Azure and the Office 365 platform is a prerequisite.

Citrix edge SD-WAN is designed to provide the best performance for Office 365 and other SaaS, Cloud and virtual apps. Citrix edge SD-WAN integrates seamlessly with the Azure Virtual WAN and automatically and efficiently routes traffic to the nearest Azure access point or ‘front door’. There are more than 160 Azure ‘front doors’ (Microsoft Azure Front Door, AFD) and 54 Azure Datacenters (Azure tenants) worldwide, with transport over the Microsoft backbone enabling very low latency (delay).

Branches can easily connect to these Azure front doors via Citrix edge SD-WAN for fast and uniform access to Office 365 and other (SaaS) applications. Any-to-Any connectivity between all your locations can easily be realized worldwide. MPLS can therefore be phased out. That is the power of Azure in combination with Citrix edge SD-WAN. Via this link of Citrix you can find out all about it and see an inspiring video of the top management of the two world players.

IPknowledge, a partner of Citrix

NaaS, Network as a Service, is our core business. That is why we are happy with the possibilities that Citrix edge SD-WAN offers. It works for customers who need to expand their existing (MPLS) network and security solution because of the adoption of Microsoft Azure or Office 365. Citrix SD-WAN reduces the dependency on static and expensive networks supplied by large Telcos. That is why we are also a Citrix partner, in addition to a number of other global brands, because we stand for offering our customers freedom of choice. Of course we also provide the internet connections to your branches if desired, including proactive monitoring and management of the total network solution. That is Network-as-a-Service!

The power of an independent player offering global brands

Recently we were brought into contact with a new customer. They received insufficient attention from an international telecom company, which we will not mention by name. Unfortunately, big players sometimes make the choice that they only want to work for very large customers. We choose to offer international network technology that best suits the customer, large or small. We supply internet lines  as a fundament of your global network infrastructure, to ensure fast access for your company to every Cloud. For example, during the corona outbreak, we proactively ensured optimal and safe home connections across various countries, so that users from home workplaces still had access to their ERP systems and not just the Microsoft Office 365 applications. More about this in an appealing customer case.

Have a chat?

We would like to talk to CIOs and IT managers of companies who want to save costs on traditional MPLS networks and are ready for a more modern network. We would also like to get in touch with ISVs, Independent Software Vendors, who want to optimize the global performance of their Cloud solution for their customers. Cutting it for you like a double-edged sword. 

NB: And fresh from the press the message that global player Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) also bought the company Silver Peak to give a boost to SD-WAN! Just look here.

Focus on SD-WAN? Now is the time!

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