Replace Telco MPLS network: become agile with SD-WAN

The corporate Wide Area Network (WAN) is a decades-old invention, augmented over the years, but has also become highly complex, rigid and not particularly secure. Mostly based on traditional and dedicated MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) connectivity, it is also expensive.

Replace Telco MPLS network:
Become agile with SD-WAN

Replace Telco MPLS network

Cloud applications typically perform better over the internet, as this avoids congestion and detours. Therefore, off-loading internet traffic locally (‘local breakout’, instead of routing over MPLS to a central breakout) is a great way to improve performance and lower cost at the same time.

The only challenge is securing this local internet breakout. For this reason, most SD-WAN solutions incorporate simple firewall functionality in their WAN-edge appliance at the customer premises. SASE architecture is an alternative to this approach, where the WAN-edge appliances forward all data traffic to the cloud, where firewall security functionality resides.

Site up-time is a key concern for many companies. Risking the delivery of mission-critical applications often equals risking your business. Are you considering keeping your MPLS provider for its SLAs just to guarantee delivery of ERP application traffic? Or do you want to use SD-WAN to further increase site up-time by offering seamless backup? SD-WAN can also be deployed to extend the lifetime of low-bandwidth MPLS connections by off-loading internet traffic locally.

IPknowledge offers various SD-WAN solutions to ensure your cloud and data center infrastructure is swiftly and securely reachable. There is no need to invest in dedicated connectivity such as MPLS, Microsoft Express Route, or AWS Direct Connect. Dedicated connections, despite sometimes coming with SLA guarantees, are less resilient than ‘routed’ connectivity.

IPknowledge offers various SD-WAN solutions

The resiliency of an infrastructure based on a routed underlay is higher because single points of failure are eliminated. This is why SD-WAN adds flexibility, resilience, and agility while reducing cost.

IPknowledge has close to 20 years of experience in ensuring the delivery of mission-critical applications across global networks (in the most challenging conditions). We help you make the right choices and build the right foundation for your future IT landscape.

Quote from our customer Low and Bonar:
Migration from MPLS to ‘OneWAN’ SASE SD-WAN was seamless, less than 1-second downtime per site

All in one

Not sure if you should switch from MPLS to SDWAN? Do the checklist!

There are a number of points that are very important to check. Download the checklist to have a clear overview to support the right decision.


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