Proud of our dream that started in 2017…

On December 9, we celebrated, together with a number of customers, the fifth anniversary of IPknowledge on the beautiful ship “The Friendship ”. We sailed on the IJsselmeer after we all grabbed our mobiles for the corona check. Our dream that started in 2017 has come true; we wanted to be an innovative, internationally operating telecom company.

Proud of our dream
that started in 2017…

We succeeded, thanks to the efforts of energetic colleagues, the hiring of young talent, but above all because of customers who believed in us and gave their trust. We are very grateful for that.

Proud of our dream


We went through a transformation ourselves, just like our customers. Before we launched IPknowledge, we were mainly focused on ‘boosting’ international MPLS networks. This taught us all about the challenges surrounding slow connections and how applications can still perform well, globally. We have now grown into a fully-fledged ‘as a Service’ organization specialized in the delivery and security of internet-based networks. In short, that means that we harness the power of the cloud, so that your business applications are securely available, anywhere in the world. We use our accumulated international experience on a daily basis to offer continuity to our customers; we provide a stable, secure and fast network environment that we can also monitor 24/7 and 365 days a year if desired.

Offering help with quick problem analysis

If there is a problem somewhere in your network, which supplier should you contact? Is it the laptop, the Wifi (LAN), the internet connection (WAN), or could it be an application problem?

“Here to help,
be proactive and keep promises”

We have the right tooling in house to quickly analyze the cause and who is responsible for it, in whatever layer. That is why our slogan is: “Here to help, be proactive and keep promises”. This can be freely translated into the following: We will continue until a solution has been found and we stick to the agreements made. Incidentally, the solution offered does not have to be about solving failures, but also about preventing them (higher availability). Preferably, our ‘knife’ cuts both ways: For example, because we deploy several internet lines simultaneously next to each other, both the performance (throughput) and the availability (uptime) of your branches are increased!

Great results

The number of incidents is very low. Our SASE SD-WAN solution is fully redundant, so that in the event of a line failure there is always an alternative (active backup), without the user noticing. This results in a high satisfaction rate from our customers. In addition, by learning a lot and working hard, we have achieved the highest partner status at Cato Networks. This means, among other things, that we are working together to proactively prevent incidents. In fact, we recognize and solve problems before they happen. Finally, almost all employees are fully certified by Cato Networks. On to the next five years!

Would you like to hear our full story?

More information is told in this video.

Bert-Jan (CTO) & Steven de Graaf (CEO) – IPknowledge

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