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Secure Network Service Architect

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Network Service Architect | Boost your career now in Amsterdam

Give your career and life a boost in dynamic Amsterdam

Role Description

You will become part of our highly skilled and innovative network engineering, operations and development team. You will help IPK design, sell, deploy, configure, administrate, automate and ensure performant and secure global networks that cater to our customer needs. 

  • Requirements analysis (about evolving enterprise ICT infrastructure / digital transformation)
  • Design SASE SD-WAN networks
  • Assist Sales with engineering expertise in major bids
  • Engineering-Lead for migrating new customers to SASE SD-WAN 
  • Engineering-Lead for IPK product Innovation (Assist product owner)
  • IPK processes: modeling & analysis (continuous improvement)
  • IPK systems: evolution of in-house OSS/BSS (software functionality & architecture)
  • Liaise with enterprise CIO, CISO, IT (infrastructure/operations) manager on improving their enterprise network and security
  • Content development: Write technical content that we can publish, so we become global thought leader on SASE SD-WAN

In addition, you may assist with troubleshooting and optimizing our networks for our customers and users (3rd line support). 

Study, knowledge and required experience

  • University / MsC level education degree
  • Deep understanding of networking (network equipment, TCP/IP/BGP communication protocols, network solutions, encryption)
  • Excellent analytical skills, out-of-the-box thinking capabilities 
  • At least 3 years of technical writing and speaking skills in English
  • Enterprise-level network designs and transitional designs (e.g, brown-field transitions to seamlessly migrate between solutions) 
  • Installing, configuring and maintaining network (security) solutions specifically firewalls (including SSL interception, IPS etc), routing and switching
  • Standard network protocols like TCP, UDP, DHCP, VRRP, IP, DNS, BGP, IPsec, SNMP, ICMP, (D)TLS, SSL, HTTP, SMTP,  etc
  • Monitoring, data mining, and Alerting solutions
  • Experience in data-based automation of operational processes
  • Packet Capture and Analysis tools
  • Linux installation, configuration, and management
  • Microsoft AD, specifically network & Microsoft AD integration, Azure AD,  SCIM

Preferred experience

  • Network security & data protection (ZTNA, SDP)
  • Workflow Orchestration/application deployment / OT Automation
  • SSE/SD-WAN/SASE solutions
  • Cloud solutions (Azure/AWS etc.), specifically network infrastructure integration into the cloud (Virtual WAN, VNETs, Virtual Appliances, etc).
  • Troubleshooting and fault-analysis
  • Internet mail security measurements (DKIM, SPF etc)
  • Grafana and InfluxDB
  • Google Workspace
  • Project management

Place in the company

  • CTO
    • Network Service Architect

Future growth path

  • Manager Engineering
  • Manager Operations
  • CTO

Consultations and contacts 

Job requires regular cross-checking and communication with:


CTO And rest of Engineering team

Manager Commercial Operations


Software Development team

24/7 NOC (Network Operations Centre, 1st and 2nd line support)



OneWAN NaaS clients

Technology vendors (e.g. Cato Networks, HP Aruba)



Give your career and life a boost in dynamic Amsterdam. Network Service Architects from all over the EU can work at IPknowledge.

We are ambitious and deliver on our promise: “we grow together”.

  • Base salary eur 5,000+ per month
  • 25 Vacation days
  • 8% holiday allowance
  • Twice per year free travel to home country
  • Work 4 weeks remotely from home country
  • Company Laptop (choose your own)
  • Company Mobile phone
  • Personal Development Plan, 2 Trainings per year
  • Plenty of Career opportunities – we grow together!
  • Work from our dynamic office @ Scalehub Amsterdam Amstel business park
  • Unlimited free access to gym @
  • Mastering and contributing to state-of-the-art network and analytics technology

Our enterprise clients rely on IPknowledge for continuous and secure cloud access worldwide. We are running a state-of-the-art 24/7 network service operation with advanced monitoring, alerting & process automation. You take responsibility for providing global network service, performance & security.


  • Here to help
  • Get things done
  • Drive to improve and innovate. 
  • Analytical with attention to detail
  • Passion for automation & programming
  • Enjoy your work


We are ambitious
and deliver on our promise:
“we grow together”


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