Is outsourcing IT to an all-rounder really wise?

Is outsourcing IT to an all-rounder really wise?

Recently a new customer signed up with us, because they decided to leave their existing partner for IT Managed Services. The client was assigned to us by an international vendor of networking technology, a close partner of ours. We are of course very happy with that, but it made us think. Why did it not work out with their existing (former) IT partner? It turns out this has all to do with well-intended human behavior. Something that can happen to anyone, but is a common pitfall for IT partners and their customers.

The pitfall of saying ‘yes’ to everything
Organizations that offer IT services or ‘Managed Services’ with their knowledge and expertise run the risk of walking into a trap. Once they have the customer on board, it is only logical that those customers identify additional needs or requirements for their IT infrastructure. For example: ‘We would also like solution x, y and z: can you as our IT services partner deliver, manage and include these in the existing agreement?’ The IT partner will often be tempted to entertain such a request. Why? In order to simply serve his customer. Or because it generates extra turnover. Or because people find it interesting to experiment with new technology. Whatever the reason, this dynamic causes many IT services suppliers to start operating outside their own comfort zone.

An example
Suppose your IT department is set up as a control-organization. Your office automation such as printers, telephony, server environment and IT helpdesk are therefore outsourced to a traditional System Integrator (SI), specialized in workplace management. Your firewalls are also outsourced to a Managed Services Provider (MSP), specialized in cybersecurity. You also purchase connectivity from multiple Telcos. Because you are using more and more applications from the Cloud, you are looking for an SD-WAN, preferably fully managed. You are satisfied with all current IT suppliers in their respective fields, but who do you trust when it comes to purchasing, building, and fully managing your SD-WAN?
If only we would dare to say ‘no’ more often, IT outsourcing partners would remain operating within their area of strength. By choosing the right partners and ensuring they add maximum value, a CEO or CIO creates a strategic competitive advantage for his organization. With the best of intentions, however, we see that ICT organizations often want to be involved in all kinds of things, whereby their true specialism disappears as a result. Our conclusion is that EaaS, “Everything-as-a-Service” simply does not exist.

‘as a Service’ requires focus!

No, we do not supply workstations and we will not manage your Multi & Hybrid cloud solutions. However, all these solutions are only worth their while with a fast, safe and reliable international network. This is our specialty, where we have years of experience. This is where our focus and passion lies. Today but also tomorrow.

Is outsourcing IT
to an all-rounder really wise?

Network as a Service

You -or your IT partner- can contact us for all questions regarding the right choice of architecture and connectivity that suits your application landscape, so that your employees and partners can safely work from anywhere, always.
The result of our Network-as-a-Service is that ERP systems, Office 365, CRM applications and all other business processes remain in motion. Continuity is safeguarded due to immediate rerouting of your data traffic in the event of any line failure or other interruption. This is how we remove your worries about the continuity, security and performance of your business network.

Our advice
Outsourcing your ICT activities and using ‘as-a-service models’ typically works well to increase the focus on the digital transformation of your business. The availability of SD-WAN technology makes it worthwhile to rethink your international network and associated partners. This is because your global network is the nervous system of your company, the foundation, and thus a crucial factor in making any other IT investment pay off. Providing continuous and secure network service is a speciality, very different from providing a virtual server or workplace. Therefore we recommend treating it separately. Your network and security environment deserves a fresh and independent view, without other conflicts of interest.

IPknowledge is the connectivity partner of choice for larger enterprise organizations that operate internationally. But we also assist IT Services partners and System Integrators. For example if they experience challenges with regard to the digital performance, security or accessibility of the applications they provide to their enterprise clients. We are happy to solve this anywhere in the world.
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