How it is possible to work with CATO – anywhere, anytime and anyhow

The year was brought into perspective as IPknowledge gave the development team (PANTONE2758) to work from Valencia for 2 weeks using Cato software. While working from the warmer weather and being treated to great food, it was important to also show that with the current ‘toolset’ it is possible to develop from anywhere.

How it is possible
to work with CATO –
anywhere, anytime and anyhow

Not only did we prove that the tools provided by Cato are excellent, but also that during a week of togetherness, a quoting tool can be delivered, that is helpful for current and future prospects.


Normally when Pantone2758 creates software it is done in multiple sprints using the agile sprint method. Though for this ‘Workcation’ was only a limited time and it was important that a product was delivered. this resulted in the development team choosing to make it into a ‘hackathon’. The hackathon made collaboration, communication and programming more freely. It results in a product that has the same quality, but with some ‘shortcuts’. During development, the development environment was identical to the normal flow. This was made possible by using the Cato VPN client. A virtual private network (VPN) is a computer network that provides privacy and security for data transmission over the internet.  A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between two endpoints. Data cannot be intercepted or read by anyone else, not even the government, internet service provider, or hackers.

There are many different types of VPNs but they all work in a similar way. They create an encrypted connection to a remote server, which then passes data back and forth between the client and the server. The data is encoded with a key so it cannot be read by anyone who intercepts it along its journey. By using this client it was possible to easily connect to our servers, which are located in the Netherlands. This made it easy to deploy the product and during development test the end-points.The end-product is a combination of a front-end where the user can input their expected information and a back-end where it is calculated into a price for a prospect.


While development happened during the day, in the evenings the Pantone2758 team was rewarded with good food and a pleasant culture. Valencia was a big city to be seen, while the team had to deliver a product, during the evenings and weekends the team really got to enjoy what the country has to offer. From drinking their local drink ‘Agua de valencia’ and having tapas every night. The culture was warm and soothing and the perfect weather to go to the beach.

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