How to combine security and ease of use with SASE SD-WAN?

Most consumers have no idea where their data is stored or even from which country their applications are provided. The same is often true for enterprises. Today, enterprises often store data in the cloud, ‘somewhere’ on the internet. Corporate end-users often benefit from enhanced application performance and ease of use. Internet-based connectivity is rapidly becoming mission-critical. But what about security?

How to combine
security and ease of use

security and ease of useMobile employees use multi-cloud services

How can you, as a CIO or IT manager, strike the right balance between security and ease of use? That is one of the biggest challenges of the moment. Employees experience the convenience of a large number of cloud services, can work anytime and anywhere and have direct access to valuable customer and company data with their smartphone. Cloud services often bring increased employee productivity. But what are the risks? What is the impact on corporate security?

Learn why BrandLoyalty chose SASE SD-WAN in this case study.

Going back in time is not an option

Traditionally organisations used a dedicated (private) WAN, Worldwide Area Network, to connect their local branch offices with the central HQ or regional data centers, where the corporate applications and security infrastructure were running. One thing has become clear: a traditional WAN is not built and equipped for mobile workers using cloud services. A modern alternative is needed.

And there is more. Organisations today need to be ready to respond quickly to change. An agile business requires a flexible network infrastructure that can easily be adapted. Furthermore, more and more is expected from business applications: Spoiled as we are by impressive performance from Netflix, Youtube, and Facebook outside the office, we all expect higher bandwidth and better performance from the applications that we work with every day. However, this has a major impact on the requirements for your corporate security infrastructure.

SASE SD-WAN as a secure solution

With SASE SD-WAN you have one cloud platform delivering the entire international network and end-to-end security to your business.
If you want a secure SD-WAN, choose SASE SD-WAN from Cato Networks. First of all, SASE SD-WAN is equipped with a Next-Generation Firewall, delivered from the Cloud. That means application control, anti-malware, and intrusion prevention are added to traditional firewall-VPN combinations.

In addition, 24/7 and 365 days a year your network is monitored for possible vulnerabilities or suspicious actions originating from specific devices. As a result, we proactively respond to cyber attacks, such as the Kaseya megahack in 2021. Finally, our Cato Networks SASE SD-WAN solution uses Zero Trust Network Access, which you can read more about in this blog if you wish.


Security and ease of use

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