Global backbone
Superior to the internet,
more affordable than MPLS


Global backbone with Application Acceleration

To remove any so called ‘mid-mile’ transport issues, a global cloud-based backbone network is offered. Accessed simply via the Internet lines connecting your branch sites, the backbone performs ‘mid-mile’ transport of your application traffic streams, thus bypassing the the public Internet for the long haul.

Your backbone
to replace MPLS

Your corporate traffic is subsequently dropped off at its destination. For instance, your Office 365 tenant in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Connectivity is superior to the unpredictable public Internet and more affordable than global MPLS and other legacy backbones.

Reducing TCP round-trips for connections to DC and cloud resources, WAN-acceleration is provided for connected branch offices as well as for remote end-users. OneWAN’s built-in cloud acceleration maximizes end-to-end throughput up to 20x, boosting application performance for bandwidth-intensive operations like file upload and download. This feature eliminates the need for cloud acceleration options like AWS Direct Connect and Microsoft ExpressRoute.

Global backbone to replace MPLS

Download: Do I want to replace my MPLS?

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