Extra budget in 2022? These are 6 reasons to invest in cloud-based Managed Netwerk

September 2021. The holidays are over, the budget rounds are coming again. Which initiatives will be launched before 2022 and what costs are involved? IT projects always appear to claim a significant percentage of the budget.

Extra budget in 2022?
These are 6 reasons to invest
in cloud-based Managed Netwerk

Extra budget in 2022

Is it time to do something about the physical internet layer? By saying goodbye to MPLS, routers, firewalls, VPN connectors, WAN accelerators and opting for a modern cloud-based SASE SD-WAN, you will at least have an IT budget left over for other innovative projects. Valuable time can also be saved because network management and operational activities can be easily outsourced. This is why:

Reason 1: It uses cheaper bandwidth connections

SD-WAN solutions come with cheaper and widely available internet connections. That means saving costs on expensive leased lines that you need at MPLS. We are happy to calculate this saving for you, because our expertise also lies in the availability of affordable internet worldwide. An additional advantage is that you are not tied to supplier contracts for a long time.

Reason 2: Integrated network security and one policy for all endpoints.

The lack of integrated security at MPLS increases the cost of protecting the business from cyber-attacks. With SASE SD-WAN, the advanced cybercrime protection measures come together with the network because this solution is delivered from the cloud. A cloud-based network comes standard with Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW): centrally managed, distributed worldwide. The same policies apply to every ‘end-point’ (Datacenter, Cloud tenant, office, factory, branch, home worker). This means that IT departments no longer spend precious hours setting up expensive routers, firewalls, VPN connectors, WAN accelerators and other expensive and time-consuming devices. With managed cloud based SASE SD-WAN you simply do not have these worries.

Reason 3: Performance delivery based on importance

With MPLS you incur high costs, because the bandwidth is tuned to the performance of the entire application. In contrast, SASE SD-WAN takes ‘Quality of Service (QoS)’ into account. This means that the bandwidth, i.e. the performance, is tuned based on the importance of the application. You could also call it never paying for performance if it is not necessary.

Reason 4: High availability

What costs will your organization incur if the network is temporarily down? That is the question that comes with this. The availability of SASE SD-WAN is extremely high and the redundancy can be adjusted as desired. In all situations, if a connection fails, the network traffic will be taken over by another connection. Continuity is guaranteed without you noticing.

Reason 5: Saves on operational management

The physical network layer must always be there. For an MPLS network, a lot of knowledge is needed to manage this and that makes it expensive (OPEX). In contrast, with a modern cloud-based SASE SD-WAN solution, you have the flexibility to optimize the organization of operational management. Some tasks are performed by your own employees and other tasks are assigned to IPknowledge. You achieve the maximum result at an attractive price. IPknowledge has extensive experience with this. We do this on request 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Reason 6: Less invoices from data centres

Multi-site organizations typically operate in hybrid environments. This means that in addition to the MPLS connections, cloud services are also used, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Azure. In those cases, all data, workflows and transactions are sent back to data centers for processing, storage and redistribution. With a SASE SD-WAN solution, monthly invoices can be greatly reduced.

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