Experience SASE – The disruptive security framework defined by Gartner

Experience SASE – The disruptive security framework defined by Gartner

Is SASE going to revolutionize network security? We believe it will. In fact, we expect this groundbreaking security framework to be embraced much sooner than big giants as Cisco, Juniper, VMware, Checkpoint and Palo Alto indicate. Disruptive also means that existing business models around network infrastructure will disappear. Large technology vendors may not be agile enough to adjust to this revolution…

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CIOs, IT managers and IT architects may want to prepare themselves well, and understand where competitive advantages can be gained. Cato Networks were first to build a global SASE platform that converges SD-WAN and security in the Cloud.

SASE resolves your challenges

  • Employees are increasingly mobile and work in all kinds of places in the Cloud. How does one safeguards security? SASE brings back full visibility and control on all data traffic exchanged within and with your business: employees, customers and 3rd parties, whether at home, office, warehouse or production plant.
  • Traditional network infrastructure revolving around traditional data centers is becoming too inflexible.
  • The dependence on telecom providers is too large.
  • The number of applications is growing, the complexity of multi-cloud environments is increasing. As a result, there is a need for a more streamlined service and a better user experience.
  • The number of business apps is growing, but the exchange of data must be safeguarded worldwide in a secure manner.

SASE in brief

SASE stands for Secure Access Service Edge and offers an answer to ever-increasing security challenges as traditional network infrastructures become obsolete. Both applications and end-users move away from the corporate network and are accessible via the Internet. Data exchange is increasingly taking place via mobile devices, meaning that all data traffic during the (international) journey from smartphone to business application must be secured. The SASE concept therefore ensures optimal security also for internet-based communication.

SASE is here now!

Gartner has predicted that 40 percent of organizations will consider adopting SASE by 2024. We think this will happen much faster. Given the recent developments in our society, due to COVID-19, traditional MPLS networks have become too expensive and they no longer deliver the flexibility and agility that is required. With SASE, users can securely access the services they need for their day-to-day work from any location and device.

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