What kind of challenges can I expect during my Internet Access delivery?

Internet Access delivery is a process that resists being standardized due to the number of variables in the process. Every delivery that IPknowledge performs is different and unique, including its own unique challenges. However, years of experience have given the delivery team at IPknowledge insights into the challenges that arise the most frequently when making sure that your sites get the Internet Access they need.

Physical connection

When a line is quoted, IPknowledge uses three statuses for site connections: On Net, Near Net, and Off Net.

On Net is the easiest delivery as the internet line is already connected to the building, so the biggest challenge will be the internal wiring to the desired location for the router.

A Near Net line is close to the provider’s network, but not connected just yet. This means that the network may be available in the street next to the office, but it has not yet been connected to the office itself. In this case, some work will be expected: this will need to be planned, often with several contractors, increasing the delivery time by several weeks.

When a location is Off Net, the provider’s network is not even close to the location. This means that major work will be required to get the network to the desired location, which often includes research, city permits, and digging operations. IPknowledge will generally not offer a line that is Off-Net for the provider, as these works can dramatically delay the delivery of an Internet Access line.

Of course, no two providers are the same. For instance, Vodafone may have a worldwide network but may not be able to reach some locations that KPN services. Therefore, a location can be On Net for one provider, Near Net for another, and Off Net for a third. At IPknowledge, we work closely with you to find the best provider for your location and offer the most efficient and cost-effective solution.


Certain Internet Access technologies may not provide the necessary quality for a business to operate smoothly. DSL is being phased out in many countries due to its distance dependency, resulting in slower and lower quality Internet. DSL lines are quick to deploy but are usually sold as a secondary or tertiary backup line.

4G LTE is another technology that suffers from bandwidth and quality issues but is advantageous as it requires no physical network and can be installed quickly and passively as a backup.

Microwave technology requires a clear line of sight to the nearest network tower, making it difficult to install in areas with trees or buildings. ISPs usually visit beforehand to ensure a viable connection or suggest alternative solutions.

The Human factor

IPknowledge understands the challenges of delivering Internet Access that involve human interaction, such as planning and installation issues. To avoid communication problems, IPknowledge works closely with the customer and the local contacts at the site. The Service Delivery department provides regular updates to the customer and keeps the local contacts informed about the work required for the delivery. Acting as a liaison between your local contact and ISP, IPknowledge plans the necessary visits with the local contacts, ensuring transparency and clear communication throughout the process.


IPknowledge provides redundant Internet Access lines to ensure your site’s uptime. We provide two internet lines, provided by different ISPs, on different networks to ensure that your site doesn’t go completely down when one ISP or network experiences trouble.

A business-level SLA these days offers 99.9% uptime. The chance that two ISPs or networks are calling on that 0.1% of downtime at the same time is, of course, incredibly small!

We require information about your current ISP and network providers to provide the best redundant offer for your site. Failure to provide this information can result in a delayed and more expensive delivery.

In order to prevent this, IPknowledge is Here to Help and will try to assist you in figuring out what your current provider and network are.

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