Can a small device be disruptive? Simplicity always wins..

Can a small device be disruptive? Simplicity always wins..

In this interview I discuss managing global networks for large organizations. We call it ‘Network as a Service’. This may be new for some of us. It appears to be complex. But then the interviewer made a remark which simply said it all. Sometimes you shouldn’t make it harder than it is…

“Oh, so my network administrator is now in this box”

That was his comment. Let this sink in for a moment… It means that in all countries where your organization is present you don’t need IT staff anymore to manage the network. Cost savings are immediate, because the management of an international network is time-consuming and therefore expensive. Take for example all the work around maintenance, failures, monitoring, cyberthreats and contract management. It also indicates something else, namely the simplicity of installation and the speed of implementation. Disruption can be caused just with a simple device.

“Securing all corporate data traffic worldwide? Even a child can do it”

That’s how I often describe it myself. The security of all digital communication is realized by simply plugging your network cables into this device. Anyone can do that, even a child. Then the power of Cloud gets to work. A connection is automatically made with the secure global cloud of -for example- Cato Networks. I consciously choose ‘for example’ here, because we are an independent party for our customers.

The entire network managed at a fixed price

IT should not be concerned with network management at all in these challenging times. IT staff has bigger fish to fry and should spend their valuable time on other necessary projects that directly impact your business. After all, every innovation project nowadays has an IT component. The network itself is managed 24/7 by the IPknowledge Digital Performance Center (DPC) in Amsterdam. That we are serious about Network-as-a-Service and invest heavily in it we describe in our previous blog.

Want to see the complete story of Network-as-a-Service?

Curious about this device? Curious about how we have also been solving major network performance problems for our large business customers for more than 15 years? Then view this video from my interview on Network-as-a-Service.

Simplicity always wins, just look at the convenience of booking hotels with or ordering a taxi with Uber.

Steven de Graaf – Managing Director IPknowledge

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