A clothing store for CIOs and IT managers? That requires explanation!

A clothing store for CIOs and IT managers? That requires explanation!

Recently my son asked me: “Daddy can you explain what you do for work?” Before I even realized it, my answer was ‘a clothing store’. While I hate to try on new clothes in stuffy changing rooms. Why do I make this remarkable comparison, I am happy to explain to you, with a little wink:

How to make the right choice?

I often need help when I walk into a clothing store. No idea what kind of pants, shirt or suit I would like. For me, clothing is a ‘necessary evil’: I know I need it, but I rather would not worry about it at all. I also see an analogy with the business I am in: global network services and the Internet: there is a lot to choose from, but what exactly suits best, is a big question for most of the customers that we work for. As with clothes, many network solutions will deliver the basic functionality, but all of them are different – which one is the best for my business? In the world of SD-WAN, many end-customers suffer from ‘choice overload’. We all know this can end up stressing us out. That is where we can help: to assist our customers in making the right choices for the fundament of their IT infrastructure.

Fitting and measuring

Custom clothing is cut and sewn using a standard base. A made-to-measure garment will be more expensive but cheaper than bespoke tailoring. Similarly, there are multiple options for your SD-WAN. What are your needs for speed, security, efficiency, agility, now and in the future? Obviously this depends on your business: where are you now and where do you want to go? Together we will explore the possibilities, we are happy to invest the time. As an independent party, we offer choice. We are not a ‘mono brand’ such as a Telecommunications Operator. We can try things out together. Freedom and autonomy, without being locked-in: Not a good fit? Let’s try on something else! We help you to switch and keep the possibility open for a more suitable alternative. The same goes for internet access: do you want lightning-fast performance at attractive prices? We are a one-stop-shop for internet lines, worldwide.

Citrix in our collection

Of course we offer well-known and proven brands, including Citrix SD-WAN. Even if you like to look around yourself, we will assist you further with the help of webinars. This is why, together with Citrix, we organized the webinar on Thursday 17 September 2020: “Under the Hood: Optimal Performance by Citrix SD-WAN”. Please contact us if you want to be informed how to orchestrate your network performance even better.

It must be nice and comfortable

Here too, a simple comparison can be made, and we like to keep it simple. Something is only comfortable if there is room to move. Breathable, flexible and scalable. This means that we help eliminate IT infrastructure that is rigid, costly and outdated. Sometimes not even offering good protection anymore. Once fashionable and modern, now worn out. These actually belong in the second-hand clothes bin!

Will you find out everything yourself, or are you open for our assistance?

This is about daring to let go and trusting your instinct. What fits your organization best? You will know it when you see it. We are keen to discuss this further. Welcome to our fitting room!

Steven de Graaf – Managing Director IPknowledge

Phone +31 88 088 2600 or e-mail: steven.degraaf@ipknowledge.net

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