What level of support is available for managing network and security components?

All network and security components necessary will be set up, including management of CPE and other
hardware components, maintenance & break-fix services, and use of standard frameworks and will be completely supported in English. This will be delivered as part of our ‘managed services’ for network and security components.
Our dedicated platinum support ensures personalized assistance tailored to your specific requirements. For added convenience, we facilitate on-site support through trusted third-party providers, enabling swift troubleshooting and issue resolution.

With our co-management model, you retain control over certain configurations. We understand the importance of adapting to evolving application landscapes, allowing you to regularly reconfigure policies and fine-tune Quality of Service (QoS) settings. Embracing the co-management option empowers you to maintain constant visibility over solution configurations, prioritize application traffic flows, configure routed subnets, and troubleshoot incidents as they arise.
The co-management option will allow you:
■ To have at all times visibility on the configuration of the solution
■ To have the ability to configure application prioritization/policies for traffic flows
■ To have the ability to configure subnets to be routed
■ To have the ability to troubleshoot when incidents occur
However, we are always open to discussing the level of control desired by our clients, and we can identify areas where our expertise can provide value and assistance. Our collaborative approach will ensure that you receive the support required. If you want to discuss detailed configurations of our managed services for network and security components, please contact us.

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