Why should I choose SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) SD-WAN over MPLS?

While both can provide secure and reliable network connectivity, SASE SD-WAN has several advantages over MPLS that make it a better choice for your modern organization.

Here are some reasons why choosing SASE SD-WAN could benefit you:

  • Scalability: SASE SD-WAN is a cloud-based networking technology that can scale easily to support the needs of growing organizations. In contrast, MPLS requires significant hardware investment and can be challenging to scale quickly.
  • Security: SASE SD-WAN integrates security features such as VPN, firewall, and web filtering which ensures data security and network traffic making it an excellent choice for you. MPLS, on the other hand, does not provide the same level of security features.
  • Cost-effectiveness: SASE SD-WAN is typically less expensive than MPLS with no difference in availability, especially if you don’t require the level of dedicated bandwidth that MPLS provides and can use a one-stop shop like IPknowledge for Internet Access.
  • Flexibility: SASE SD-WAN is designed to be adaptable to your changing business needs, whereas MPLS can be inflexible and challenging to modify once it’s been implemented.
  • Accessibility: SASE SD-WAN enables you to securely access their network resources from anywhere, on any device, without requiring them to connect to a specific location or device. In contrast, the latter would typically require you to connect to a specific location or device to access network resources.

Our Network-as-a-Service approach allows our clients to benefit from a safe digital performance without worrying about network operations. If you’re considering a shift from MPLS to SASE SD-WAN, feel free to take a look at our services, try out our Pricing Calculator, or contact us with any questions you have.


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