Network Outsourcing

without Telco lock-in

We understand that you want to be in full control. But is it really needed to continue contracting and managing a multitude of networking and security vendors? Coordinating a complex web of separated ‘point’ solutions can be hard. IPknowledge clients can benefit from secure digital performance.

Network Outsourcing
without Telco lock-in

Network Outsourcing

We are different from traditional Telecommunications Operators, Internet Service Providers, and Managed Services Providers or System Integrators. We eliminate ‘on-prem’ networking equipment by moving functionality to the cloud as much as your IT infrastructure allows it. Then we manage what is left to manage, turn key, with proactive monitoring around the clock, at a fixed cost. So now that you are in control, you can enjoy peace of mind. Simple.

Use SASE SD-WAN with
your network outsourcing

Structural cost savings and flexibility with network outsourcing

Overview of structural cost reductions and agility gained by IPknowledge Network as a Service:

  • Reduce risk: Centralize security & related operations
  • Streamline processes: Simplify processes around IT infrastructure and its evolution and development.
  • Future-proof: Digital transformation is ongoing, and your IT landscape will likely keep on evolving.
  • Flexibility: A Software Defined infrastructure can be easily customized and is more agile, providing maximum flexibility
  • Supports corporate buy and build strategy: Easily accommodates further corporate M&A activities and network integrations
  • Scalable: Future cost of augmenting capacity, sites, end-users, and security is instant, simple, and cost-effective
  • Buying leverage: IPknowledge is independent of Telcos, ISPs, network and technology vendors, and thus provides maximum leverage on their respective offers
  • Automation: IPknowledge has already automated many aspects of network management, and will continue to improve. Software is constantly enhanced to further increase operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Why do our customers choose IPknowledge?

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