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Access to the internet is indispensable for every company. However, the requirements for the availability and quality of the associated services vary widely. Moreover, the speed experienced by the user depends on many factors.

There are more and more options, (local) providers and variants available for fiber-optic connections. But even consumer products, such as xDSL over copper or cable broadband (coax), can greatly increase the performance of a corporate network at limited cost.

For more remote locations, mobile internet access via 3G, 4G and 5G is an excellent and economical alternative to a wired connection. Rather than lots of limitations, you can enjoy scores of options. And it’s really a simple choice.

Transparant, independent and extremely competitively priced

Internet access for all your business locations is optimally guaranteed with IPknowledge. We offer full transparency per ISP without the hassle of individual contracts, at competitive rates. We are independent, we buy large, we offer you an automated platform and we are active worldwide, so we are ready to help anywhere. In addition, this offers favorable growth opportunities to SD-WAN.

Immediate insight into the best conditions

IPknowledge is independent and buys at a large scale from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) at the best conditions. Using our Quotation Tool, you also have a quick and clear overview of which internet access options are available at each location, and at what price. This is possible because we have direct access (API) to the network databases of the ISPs, and are therefore able to provide immediate insight into the best conditions available for each of your corporate sites worldwide. As a specialist in IP networking, we can give you adequate advice in making the right choices.

Monitoring and availability

If desired, we can also monitor your internet line(s) so that the availability and quality of the service can be safeguarded. You can do this yourself via our SD-WAN portal, or, rely on us for a fully-managed service.

Smartly combining multiple lines from different ISPs at one location can greatly increase the availability, and thus the ‘up-time’ of your site, at an optimal price/performance ratio. All lines are supplied ‘active-active’, so that no capacity is left unused. In addition, this offers favorable growth opportunities to SD-WAN.

One-stop-shop for your entire WAN

We contract the best provider (ISP) for each of your branches, without you having to deal with a jumble of contracts yourself. We can also take over existing contracts, making switching extra easy. Our portal provides a full overview of all your internet access lines, worldwide. With immediate insight into service performance and commercial conditions, you are in control.

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