Migrating to SASE SD-WAN

This white paper is about a successful WAN transformation
SASE is defined by Gartner and delivers an architectural transformation of enterprise networks and security. SASE enables IT to provide a converged, flexible and adaptable service to the digital business. SASE delivers high-throughput connectivity with easy-to-manage and unified network security. This reduces the costs, complexity and risks of supporting the business in a dynamic environment.
Most SASE vendors support a gradual migration process, where a SASE platform can coexist with legacy networks and security products until they are fully retired. Ultimately, this means that you can allocate already available budget for your SASE migration, rather than trying to find new budget sources.
Whatever the approach, the migration to SASE is a long-term project that requires thorough planning. This white paper can serve as a practical guide.

MPLS, SD-WAN, Internet and SASE