Invitation – Webinar SASE and secure SD-WAN

Invitation – Webinar SASE and secure SD-WAN

Securing your enterprise network worldwide at attractive costs with the flexibility and scalability that is expected today. Which deployment and management models are currently available for SD-WAN? How does the selected management model impact security, network costs and agility? How do emerging managed SD-WAN offerings differ from legacy managed network services? These three questions and many more will be answered in our webinar on Tuesday, November 3rd 2020.

First things first …

CIOs, IT managers and IT architects are invited to our webinar on Tuesday November 3rd at 11:00 am together with Cato Networks. Cato Networks were the first to move SD-WAN and security to the Cloud by building a global SASE platform.

5 reasons to learn more about SASE

  1. SASE is the most disruptive security framework according to the renowned research firm Gartner.
  2. Due to the recent global pandemic, traditional MPLS networks will be too expensive and will no longer match the degree of flexibility and scalability that is required.
  3. Data consumption from mobile devices increases worldwide, so the data traffic exchanged between smartphone and business applications must be secure.
  4. Are your current cloud services still manageable? SASE SD-WAN provides a better grip on ‘cloudification’.
  5. How to free yourself from expensive telecom providers, long-term agreements and international circuits.

Specialists from Cato Networks and IPknowledge will answer your questions about SASE and SD-WAN. Eyal Webber-Zvik, the Vice President of Product Marketing and Business Development of Cato Network, is one of the guest speakers. Reason 6 to participate is that you get all the information from the source.

Not convinced yet?

Enterprise network security is changing forever. Large organizations that want to ensure a security in this cloud era need a purpose-built architecture. That is what you can read in this blog.

Hope to see you soon!

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