Eliminate Firewalls – Protect your company with cloud-based security

From transitioning to the cloud to managing an increasingly distributed workforce, it is more important than ever to secure users, apps, and data without compromising productivity and employee experience.

Eliminate Firewalls
Protect your company
with cloud-based security

Eliminate Firewalls

IPknowledge eliminates the complexities and expenses of maintaining firewalls and other hardware-based security devices. Instead, we migrate your corporate security infrastructure to a unified security-as-a-service, delivered from the cloud. Just as your users at corporate sites, every remote or mobile user enjoys protection against all threats at any location around the world, for every application, web service, PaaS and SaaS.

IPknowledge brings the power of the cloud to corporate security. In this way, your company enjoys hardened and state-of-the-art cyber protection with an agile, scalable, future-proof and cost-effective IT infrastructure. All at the same time. Simple. Secure access to all applications, anywhere, from any device.

What is Security as a Service?

Learn how your organization can easily get enterprise-class protection without a single firewall.


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