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Our values

Our history

IPknowledge BV was founded in 2004 with a mission to simplify the life of IT managers and assist them in their struggle with getting the needed availability and performance out of their Wide Area Network infrastructure. For more than 15 years, we have been implementing and maintaining WAN optimization and performance visibility solutions. We have a long record of success in improving application performance for multinational enterprises with an IT department in the Netherlands. Early 2016, IPknowledge was amongst the first to deliver successful SD-WAN implementations within the Netherlands.

After its acquisition of SD1 Networks in 2018 to further boost its growth strategy. IPknowledge became the world’s first Cloud-Native Virtual Network Operator (VNO). Since then IPknowledge specialized in supporting global SD WANs, with a focus on the sourcing, delivery, monitoring and management of local Internet Access lines, worldwide.

Our motto

“We are here to help you as an IT manager. By partnering with IPknowledge, you should gain a strong competitive advantage. We do this by bringing long-term benefits such as autonomy, control, agility, speed, and efficiency.”

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Steven de Graaf
Managing Director
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Bert-Jan Kamp
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Gabriel Zambrano
Manager Business Operations
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Aleksandr Surkov
Manager Service Assurance & Customer Support
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Tatyana Kim
Business Support Engineer
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Thomas Woerdeman
Software Developer - Business Operations
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Judith Wever
Marketing & Data Management
Team member
Merlijn van Engelen
Software Developer - Service Assurance & Customer Support
Team member
Luc Van Vlokhoven
Software Developer - SDWAN
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Ronan Talboom
Software developer - Monitoring & visibility
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Vincenzo Romeo
Associate Partner - Visual/UX Designer
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Ronald Ostendorf
Associate Partner - Marketing & Content creator
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We are independent

IPknowledge is independent and vendor-neutral, thereby following the footsteps of and Uber, that not only deliver a high-quality service, but also allow their clients to be in full control of all service components.

Our vendor neutral approach provides our customers with autonomy and agility.

By leveraging all worldwide networks, rather than ‘just’ the network of your Telecommunications Service Provider, there is no more ‘lock-in’ with any single Telco! Due to its independent and vendor-neutral approach, IPK supports multiple SD WAN technologies, and delivers customized solutions. IPknowledge provides its customers with the freedom to deploy any connectivity solution for any branch site, in any country.

Power of Cloud

IPknowledge converges wide area transport and network security. By leveraging the power of Cloud, our WANs are agile, robust and flexible, with central visibility, control, diagnostics and restoration. Enterprises connect to the ONE-WAN Cloud over optimized and secured tunnels using any last mile transport, preferably Internet lines. Our global ONE-WAN Cloud is comprised of two complementary layers:

Cloud Backbone Network: A global, geographically distributed, low-latency and SLA-backed network of 45+ PoPs, interconnected by multiple tier-1 carriers.

Cloud Security: A fully managed suite of enterprise-grade and agile network security capabilities, directly built into the network.

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Fanatic support

Our commitment to your secure digital performance is backed up by the IPknowledge Digital Performance Center (DPC) in Amsterdam.

Our DPC will pro-actively monitor your critical WAN service components around the clock, staffed with 20 operators who are ready to act and remediate any issues.

Our DPC continuously ensures bandwidth speeds and application response times, for all your locations, globally.

Your WAN service is being assured, day and night, thus enabling your corporation to deliver a continuous, superior digital experience to customers, employees and partners alike.

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