Yakult’s healthy, simple and secure network with SASE SD-WAN

Within Yakult, all choices are based on the principles of the founding father Dr. Shirota. The aim is to work towards a healthy society and that prevention is better than cure. This also applies to the technical choices made at Yakult.

We are talking about Yakult Europe’s choice for CATO SASE SD-WAN, complemented by Internet lines, monitoring and the Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service. Deployed and managed by IPknowledge from Amsterdam.

A healthy,
simple and secure network

Casestudy Yakult – Prevention is better than cure.

simpel en veilig netwerk

Goal 1: Security

IT security plays on multiple layers. The network layer is perhaps the most complex part, which is difficult to get to grips with and maintain.
The ‘Zero-trust’ principle is therefore an important starting point. This is to prevent unnoticed holes that have not yet been closed. Because hackers know how to find these holes, we assume that. The ‘Zero-trust’ principle is therefore an important starting point.

“The principle (never trust, always verify) appealed to us. After discussions with IPknowledge, we realized that a completely new network architecture was the best choice for us to be ready for the future. This turned out to be easier than expected.”

Goal 2. Simplification

There were two main reasons for Yakult to simplify the international network. First of all, simplification brings a more secure network environment. The result is more overview and control so that possible calamities are noticed and resolved earlier. Simplification also makes it easier for IT to grow with business needs and changes in the world.

Conditions for choosing Cato SASE SD-WAN

What requirements should the total solution for a healthy international network meet? Maaike gives a clear answer to this question: “The network is the backbone of your organization. It must always be secure and available with good performance and be able to change flexibly with the new needs of the organization and the security challenges in the world. In addition, more and more applications are migrating to the cloud and people are working from home more often. Employees must be able to work safely, reliably, and quickly everywhere.”

“Yakult Europe has chosen CATO SASE SD-WAN,
because this can prevent problems at multiple layers of IT.
Yakult is convinced that prevention is better than cure.”

Partnership IPknowledge

In addition to the chosen solution, the choice of a reliable partner is also important in the selection process. You make such a choice for the coming years and IPknowledge suited our IT organization well in that regard.

The cooperation in the preliminary phase went well, “it clicked”. With the well-thought-out implementation and the commitment of both sides, a solid foundation has been laid for long-term and pleasant cooperation.

“Our IT people were initially skeptical about a cloud network,
but during the preliminary investigation, existing requirements and all new wishes and requirements turned out to be possible,
both for the factory in Almere and the offices in Europe, not to mention the home workers.
Everything connected through one Yakult Cato Network.”

“The technical people at IPknowledge were able to explain and demonstrate how things work within Cato. Initial concerns were reversed by demonstrating the benefits of SASE SD-WAN in terms of visibility, security and management.”

What is quite a challenge in the classic setup, such as local internet breakouts, turns out to be a piece of cake within Cato. For example, the various sales offices in Europe now each have their own country and language settings and preferences.
Adjustments per user group are easy to make from a user-friendly Cato portal,”
, says Maaike.

“IPknowledge employs the right people to support us,
not only in the migration project but also in the management in our daily work.”


  • Secure and stable network performance.
  • Full insight into what is happening in the European Yakult Network.
  • Simplification of the infrastructure and contract management of internet lines.
  • Ease of use employees.
  • No unexpected management costs.
  • Flexibility in furnishing.
  • To proactively and preventively protect the European Yakult Network.
  • Cato Networks MDR (Managed Detection and Response), comparable to a 24/7 SOC (Security Operations Center).
  • Colleagues traveling to Asia can use all European applications at lightning speed via the Cato backbone.
  • The IT team has much more time for the needs of the business.
“You sit
right on the highway from Cato,
anywhere in the world”

About Yakult Europe B.V.

Yakult Honsha was founded in 1955 and is now a global company best known for the small bottles of Yakult. Yakult Europe is the production location in Europe and ensures that Yakult has also been available in Europe since 1994.

Science is at the heart of Yakult. dr. Shirota was a pioneer of microbiology and in 1955 founded the Yakult Central Institute, which continues to conduct groundbreaking research. Together with the Yakult Honsha European Research Center, we are working to increase our knowledge about gut health and the idea that a healthy gut leads to a long life.