Why does SD-WAN need SASE?

In the past, IT solved emerging business needs with so-called point solutions, and as more network and security products emerged, IT was expected to manage and maintain them all. This responsibility led to the perception that IT teams could only keep full control of the corporate network and security by managing everything themselves. But as businesses evolved and networks expanded to include cloud applications and remote users, it became too complicated, expensive, and slow to manage all of this on your own.

The price companies pay for products that solve one element of the whole is not only the obvious financial cost, but also the complexity and burden of dealing with supplier evaluation, procurement, integration, maintenance, and troubleshooting. several separate components. This complexity also leads to a lack of control.

Do you recognize these challenges? In this white paper ‘Why does SD-WAN need SASE? read what you can do about it.

Why need SD-WAN SASE