“What (almost) all organizations struggle with… we solve!”

“What (almost) all organizations struggle with… we solve!”

You may think this quite a bold statement. But I got this thought when a friend called me to ask for advice. My friend is IT manager for a school community but I believe that his two biggest challenges are applicable to many other organizations as well. He struggles with a situation that grew slowly over time, but no longer fits the way we work together today.

Challenge 1: Growing pressure on network performance

More users, more devices and more applications are putting a strain on the digital performance of the network. An extra challenge has recently been added; more colleagues work at home. They log in to the company network via a VPN connection all at the same time and experience that downloading means that they have to wait. Worst case, there is no access at all, and colleagues cannot carry out their work in a normal way. How many extra internet lines and firewalls have to be purchased or is there another way?

Challenge 2: A bigger ‘hassle’ around security

Back to the educational institution. Protecting students’ personal information is crucial. However, to guarantee privacy, raises some challenges that you probably recognize yourself. More and more data traffic now runs via the public internet, outside the old familiar walls of your own IT environment. How do you monitor the security of all those different digital exchanges? Can the IT manager of this educational institution be certain that no one is watching when a teacher sends a confidential message to a parent? The ‘hassle’ around security is getting even bigger; most organizations combine now ‘on-prem’ and ‘multi-cloud’. The hybrid IT infrastructure is causing headaches for many managers. In practice, it turns out that it is not always clear how all those different contracts really work.

SASE changes differently

Yes, you can also contact us for extra internet lines, but above all for good and independent advice on performance and security. The current telecom supplier will probably recommend its ‘own brand’. Transformation is possible for organizations that realize that the future of network security is in the Cloud. Then there is no more need to worry about extra firewalls for your company.

“What (almost) all organizations
struggle with… we solve!”

Collaboration can be safer,  as modern security is end-user aware, acting at the level of devices and identities of mobile users. The solution to ensure performance, security and simplification, all at the same time, is SASE: ‘Secure Access Service Edge’. A new category for enterprise IT infrastructure architecture introduced by Gartner in 2019, SASE brings together network and security in a unified, global, cloud-native service. This basically removes the need for deploying a multitude of networking point solutions.

Knowing more?

Tired of struggling with digital performance and security?  Download here our white paper or contact us to discuss the various options to upgrade your IT infrastructure to SASE SD-WAN.

Download: IPknowledge’s Network-as-a-Service brochure

IPknowledge provides managed internet access and cloud-native connectivity services with enterprise-grade security. Our clients benefit from safe digital performance – without worrying about the operations./span>


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