Maximum digital performance
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SD-WAN: performance networking without hardware dependency

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) in a wide area network (WAN) allows for high-performance networking without depending on specific hardware. SD-WAN allows for replacing expensive private WAN connections with relatively low-cost, commercially available internet lines.
The data flows are optimally and dynamically distributed over these Internet lines, which are used simultaneously (“active-active”). This is instead of the traditional backup (“active-standby”) method of traditional (Telco) solutions, where half the capacity is wasted. The combined internet connection thus offers added speed, availability, flexibility and range!

IPknowledge provides SD-WAN technology and related services from leading-edge vendors including Cisco, VMware, Riverbed, Oracle, Silver Peak and Citrix. Our anchor SASE SD-WAN partner Cato Networks provides a converged solution based on Gartner’s SASE architecture. This takes into account the requirements of specific applications and user groups. Such as, for example, their mutual ranking or ‘QoS priority’, in case only limited network capacity is available. But transport of important data streams can also be guaranteed by means of so-called Forward Error Correction (FEC). In this way, a problem with hardware or a network connection does not affect, for example, your ERP session or telephone conversation. Maximum digital performance at a fraction of the cost.

Your entire infrastructure simply connected

How can SD-WAN best be used?

This white paper describes the most important SD-WAN use cases for CIOs!