Migrate to cloud (SaaS/PaaS adoption)

The use of SaaS is ever-growing: Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Zoom, Workday, Salesforce, ServiceNow, SharePoint, Box, etc. When consuming SaaS at the office, employees expect digital performance, as if they were at home watching Netflix.

The move to SaaS places new demands on your IT infrastructure. The simplest adjustment is connecting your corporate sites directly to the internet: ‘local internet breakout’. This requires the delivery of Internet access lines to your corporate sites worldwide. These Internet connections will also need to be secured.

IPknowledge solves these challenges by providing internet access lines, SD-WAN, and enterprise-grade security. With SD-WAN, your corporate network is virtualized, so that it is separate from the physical underlay transport layer. As a result, your digital transformation has just become much easier!

Connect your end-users, partners (third party) and corporate applications in any way you like, no matter their location. Moving to SaaS is now easy, without losing visibility and control (security). Moving to PaaS is just as simple: behind an SD-WAN virtual edge appliance your cloud tenant is fully secured, and an integral part of your WAN. International companies may benefit from the provision of a global SLA-backed backbone. This improves ‘mid-mile transport’ of your data traffic, so that it is optimally routed worldwide.

Should you wish to consolidate your applications into one global Data Center (rather than multiple around the world), this can also be done. As you are free from limitations imposed by your network, you can focus your IT resources on the digital transformation of your business.


Download: How to best connect to my Cloud Datacenter?

Connecting to a Cloud Datacenter

We know what we want — secure, affordable, and predictable access to cloud datacenters from any site or geography. Neither MPLS nor the public Internet can give us that. One is too expensive and rigid, the other too unpredictable and unsecure.  But what if we could replace or augment MPLS with an affordable global enterprise backbone that:

  • connects all sites, cloud resources, and mobile users

  • provides direct cloud datacenter connectivity

  • eliminates Internet unpredictability

  • converges security functions into the network


This whitepaper describes how to address your cloud connectivity requirements, and overcome the limitations of MPLS or the Internet.
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