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Uw bedrijfsnetwerk as-a-Service

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Sluit eenvoudig uw vestigingen en gebruikers aan, waar ook ter wereld.


Realiseer betere beveiliging van uw data-stromen zonder Firewalls.

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Ervaar het gemak van Network-as-a-Service en geniet van digitale performance!

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Frank Keessen , IT Director Mazars NL

‘What I value most about IPknowledge is their know-how on applications and networking, They are highly focussed on our needs as a customer. As our trusted partner they handle the most precious parts of our infrastructure.

They definitely play champions league.’


Bert Groot-Hulze , ICT Manager

'IPknowledge has been a long standing partner for Bugaboo. They assist the Bugaboo IT department in delivering digital performance to our employees. WAN-OP technology was deployed globally, together with advanced monitoring tooling. I appreciate IPknowledge as I can count on their expertise and support. They know how network issues may affect our corporate applications, and how to prevent it.

We trust IPknowledge engineers to work on the most precious parts of our infrastructure.'


Manfred Voss , IT Director - Low and Bonar

'In 2017 we initiated an extensive tendering process to replace our MPLS network, involving all major telecom providers. We chose IPknowledge ONE-WAN, to deliver us the agility, functionality and cost savings we needed. In IPknowledge we found the flexible partner that we need for our highly dynamic business environment.
The ONE-WAN technology as well as the expertise from IPknowledge is a good fit for our company. Previously we were facing application (eg ERP) performance issues in our sites in USA and China.

Two other benefits are the level of visibility we now have in real time, as well as the excellent communication by the migration project team with myself and our local offices around the world.'


Remko Brilman , CEO and Founder Videobutler

'Since IPknowledge connected our clients with SD-WAN we have no more Telco lock-in and we can sustain even link outages. We are now considering to replace MPLS altogether.'


Roland Heeling , Head of ICT

'Cordaid combines relief and development aid to help people in the world's most fragile areas move beyond survival and live in dignity. We often work in locations that are very remote. Our local team is essential for our corporate processes.
Transparency, accountability and efficiency is key.
When there is no local telecommunications infrastructure, we may deploy satellite links as a last resort. This affects performance of certain mission-critical applications. Also, satellite is expensive.
IPknowledge implemented WAN-optimization for remote sites in Africa. The IPknowledge solution was integrated within our existing Cisco Meraki network.

Now our local team can make better use of our financial applications. And we are saving satellite costs.
The less we spend on IT, the more we can give to the people who really need it!'

Wat als legacy een uitdaging is?

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