Managed Network Services

Need help with managing your SD-WAN and related network infrastructure? Our Managed Network Services are there to help you! We are happy to unburden you with the management and security of the various components of your company network.

Network Services


IPknowledge Managed Services are primarily aimed at guaranteeing the quality and continuity of your business network. This includes tasks such as performing network configuration changes, monitoring, maintenance, updates, detecting, resolving and preventing network problems, and protecting your network to ensure a fast application response. The Managed Network Services are available for a fixed price per location per month, and are offered in three service levels (see table for an overview):

Managed Network Services

Service Levels (SL) Time Window Name Description
Platinum 24×7 Service Assurance Continuous proactive surveillance and incident management by human network operators. Self-driven break-fix orchestration. Includes Gold SL.
Gold 8×5 Support Technical support. Network engineers are available during CET business hours in case of faults, changes and problems. Proactive health checks. includes Silver SL.
Silver Continuous Visibility SaaS Network Visibility. Monitoring and alerting system including (application) performance visibility.

Platinum – Full 24/7/365 network support
The ‘platinum’ variant called ‘Service Assurance’ offers you complete unburdening, twenty-four hours a day. We take care of all activities around your company network without you losing control. IPknowledge provides the configuration, monitoring, management and security of your SD-WAN network infrastructure, 24/7. From the implementation of changes to the detection, response and mitigation of network and security incidents.

Gold – Network engineers at work during office hours
The ‘gold’ variant is called ‘Support’: Our network engineers are available during office hours to implement changes and malfunctions. We help you to adjust the SD-WAN configuration, capacity management, connectivity, commercial management and error handling and resolution. Daily health checks of your company network and (proactive) problem management is included.

Silver – Continuous visibility and monitoring
The ‘silver’ variant: ‘Visibility as a Service’, the foundation of all ‘managed network services’. An advanced and complete network surveillance system delivered ‘as a service’. The solution for end-end network monitoring, measurement, surveillance, registration, alerting and analysis of your network, application, server and security incidents and performance. All available relevant status and performance data of your company network is made centrally available, so that a complete overview is created, end-end, worldwide. The dashboards, alerting thresholds and reports are set up as desired, for easy tracking of all metrics (KPIs) relevant to your business.

Quality continuity and safety
gives total control!

The 6 Benefits of Managed Network Services

  • Network and security incidents are detected earlier by deploying the knowledge and skills of specialists.
  • The (global) company network is continuously optimized and monitored.
  • Applications that work everywhere with high performance.
  • The report is set up on the basis of KPIs that are important to your organization and discussed periodically.
  • IT departments have more time for business-related projects.
  • Fixed Monthly Fees

What service does IPknowledge offer?

In addition to implementation, IPknowledge also provides management of your company network. Read the brochure for an overview of all the managed service options we offer!


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