The new learning of young Network Software Engineers

The new learning of young Network Software Engineers

It may take some getting used to, for everyone who used to go to school the old-fashioned way. Nowadays one can learn without teachers and still have a wonderful career.

The new studying, working and learning
of young Network Software Engineers

You don’t even need any previous education. The Codam Coding College. You can study at your own pace via a lecture that’s available 24/7. They do not know tuition fees, but they do know a peer-to-peer learning system. This college was founded by Corinne Vigreux. Also know as the founder of TomTom.


IT work galore! But…

The Codam Coding College has an important goal in mind. Solving a huge demand for skilled software developers. We are proud to have valuable ‘Codammers’ in our workplace who contribute to our success. Everyday they give us new insights and perspectives and keep other employees sharp in a rapidly changing market. That’s why we inteviewed Luc and Merlijn, both young Network Software Engineers:

Luc van Vlokhoven
“Everyone uses the internet, everyone is on their phone at all times, but nobody really knows how it works. I find that interesting! I am therefore very interested in the combination of software and networking offered by SD-WAN. If I can dive into the code and build something new, I’ve had a great day. Software Defined is what makes an old WAN network innovative.”

Merlijn van Engelen
“Nowadays, you can manage an entire global network from one IT team and one location. It’s cheaper, the communication is better and it can simply be done easier than before. For example, if a hacking attack takes place, software can immediately roll out updates to all devices around the world. I could have worked at a traditional telecom company, but that’s a lot less exciting. IPknowledge is a young and dynamic company where you can work with new technologies and where there’s a lot of room for growth.”

Luc and Merlijn tell you themselves
Luc van Vlokhoven and Merlijn van Engelen would like to introduce themselves to you in the video above. They provide an unbiased view of the new world of networks in which we operate with software. Or as Merlin says: “You no longer need anyone on site to configure equipment…”

It can be that simple.

What kind of service is “Network as a Service?”

We’ll you that in this short video. But customers can make that even better. That is why Rob Verheijen, IT Manager Europe at Mainfreight, tells his story in this blog. He no longer has the hassle of arranging internet lines worldwide and can focus on important IT projects.

Download brochure IPknowledge Network as a Services

This brochure takes a closer look at what SASE is: an architectural transformation of enterprise networks and security. This enables IT teams to support digital business processes comprehensively, flexibly and adaptably.


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