How will access to incident tickets be granted?

You will have access to incident tickets, via our online portal. We understand that online self-service capabilities and access to real-time information are crucial for you. As part of our digital product offering, we provide you with access and real-time insights into our ITIL-aligned and process-driven web-based self-service system, opening up the service desk for 24*7 access.
The NRS (Network Registration System), our customer portal, will give you access to incident tickets and allows you to easily report issues, create new requests, as well as search, view and comment on other open requests that were previously created by you or any other members of your organization with access to the system or reported by direct request email.
Access and training session(s) will be provided to you to ensure your understanding of the system and the process.
If you subscribed to our Platinum service: we generate tickets and proactive follow-up is done from our side.

In addition to granting you access to incident tickets, our online portal serves as a valuable resource for your convenience. We recognize the significance of self-service capabilities and the need for real-time information, which is why our digital product offering includes a web-based self-service system aligned with ITIL standards and driven by efficient processes. By embracing this system, you gain round-the-clock availability to our service desk, empowering you to address your concerns whenever they arise.

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