How can you create reports on Cato’s platform?

In addition to real-time performance monitoring, your team will have the ability to generate reports based on historical data. This feature allows you to analyze past trends with the reporting and gain valuable insights into your network’s performance.

Standard reports will be readily available, providing you with essential information about your system’s functioning. These reports are designed to give you a comprehensive overview of various metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that are crucial for evaluating your network’s efficiency.

Moreover, our system offers the flexibility to create custom-made reports tailored to your specific requirements. This means you can design reports that focus on the metrics that matter most to your organization, allowing you to gain deeper insights into your network’s performance and identify areas for improvement. Whether it’s bandwidth utilization, latency, or packet loss, you can generate reports that highlight the metrics most relevant to your needs.

To ensure that you have access to the necessary data for analysis, we retain full data for a minimum of three months. This extended retention period enables you to conduct in-depth investigations into historical patterns, track changes over time, and make data-driven decisions based on a comprehensive dataset.

For trend analysis purposes, aggregated data is available for at least one year. This aggregated data allows you to observe long-term performance trends and patterns, empowering you to identify recurring issues, anticipate potential challenges, and make proactive adjustments to optimize your network’s performance.

Within the Cato Networks SASE portal, you can access full data for a duration of six months. Additionally, our IPknowledge dashboard portal serves as a comprehensive repository for all relevant site overlay and underlay performance and status data. This includes data collected via API integrations as well as information from our in-house monitoring and alerting system.

The IPknowledge dashboard portal offers advanced features that enhance the reporting capabilities of the Cato SASE SD-WAN solution. It provides you with additional insights and tools to monitor your network comprehensively. From visualizing network performance metrics to generating detailed reports, the IPknowledge dashboard portal serves as a comprehensive monitoring solution for your organization.

Furthermore, the retention time for data within our dashboard is configurable, allowing you to adjust it according to your specific needs. By default, we retain data for one year, ensuring you have access to historical information for an extended period. Additionally, we offer the option to create custom dashboards upon request, enabling you to tailor the monitoring experience to your unique requirements.

Our reporting and monitoring capabilities, coupled with the IPknowledge dashboard portal, provide your team with a robust and extensive solution for tracking and analyzing your network’s performance. With access to both real-time and historical data, you can make data-driven decisions, optimize your network’s efficiency and reporting, and proactively address any potential issues that may arise.

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