How can you contact IPknowledge’s teams?

Contact IPknowledge

IPknowledge has several departments that can all help in different ways. These departments are as follows:


The IPknowledge sales team is here to help you find the best solution to your questions and challenges. To connect with them, you may call 088-0882610. After a quick call with the Sales department, you’ll gain an understanding of whether IPknowledge can assist you and, if so, how we can do so effectively.


The Marketing team is responsible for all the outbound communications from IPknowledge, keeping you and the world updated on the latest developments and events related to IPknowledge and Cato. Should you have questions or input for us, the team can be reached by mailing Upon receiving your message, one of the Marketing team will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your questions or input.

Commercial Operations

The Commercial Operations department encompasses both the pre and post-sales team. The people here take care of quoting, delivery, and account management, making sure that existing IPknowledge customers are always in the loop of what is happening with their orders. To get in touch with the Commercial Operations team, you can call 088-0882600. The team will promptly address your delivery and quoting inquiries and provide you with the information you need.

Business Operations

The Business Operations team is the primary point of contact for customers who have technical inquiries or need to report an outage. If you encounter any problems with your Internet Access line delivered by IPknowledge or a Cato installation, you should reach out to the Business Operations team, as they possess the necessary technical expertise to assist you. You can contact this team by calling 088-0882688 to resolve the issues that you are experiencing.


As the name suggests, the Finance department is there for any financial questions or issues. If you have any questions regarding an IPknowledge invoice, the people in the finance team can assist you. Reach out to us by calling 088-0882688 and the financial controllers will see how we can best help you.


Lastly, the Development team is composed of skilled professionals responsible for maintaining the IPknowledge NRS. If you have any queries regarding the NRS, including any inconsistencies or issues you may have encountered, you can contact the Development team directly through the ‘Report problem/feedback’ button located in the top right corner of the NRS interface. This button is easily recognizable and looks like this:

You can also contact IPknowledge directly through our contact form.

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