”With Telco MPLS, creating new locations or change requests did not always go smoothly. The performance of the international network was very different between the countries. The ‘co-managed’ model offered by IPknowledge was very appealing for us.”

”I now have flexibility and scalability in control, which is better for us than a fully managed environment of a traditional Telco. We chose IPknowledge because they could offer more at a reduced price, but mainly because of their excellent service, greater flexibility and scalability. A small organization with great global achievements.”



30 September 2020. Bugaboo has entered agreement with IPknowledge for a fully managed SD-WAN.


”I wanted one reliable partner, not 20 different contracts, and I wanted to outsource 24 X 7 surveillance.
The solution had to be simple and sustainable, and it had to just work.”


”Monitoring and maintenance have improved a lot with Cato and IPknowledge.
And where there were hiccups every month with our previous infrastructure, now our network has been absolutely stable, fast, and available.”




”The relationship between our companies goes back to even before I was with Bugaboo. We have always trusted IPknowledge engineers to work on the most precious parts of our networking infrastructure.”


”They are network- and technology independent and really understand how corporate application performance and global collaboration depends on the network. It is only logical that we have selected IPknowledge to provide us a fully managed and secure global connectivity solution. The IPknowledge OneWAN ‘Network as a Service’ will provide fast and safe connectivity to the Bugaboo sites and users worldwide.”



”Darling Ingredients maintains currently 200+ locations across 5 continents worldwide, with over 10,000 employees. Many of our plants produce 24 hours per day. When I joined as IT Infrastructure Manager we had already selected another partner for SD-WAN.
We asked IPknowledge to provide us with managed Internet access, as this is very important to our business and its continuity.”


”For most of our sites we already have a primary line, so we asked IPK to deliver the second (‘backup’) line. For certain sites we needed to be up and running asap, I am pleased that IPK was able to provide us with a high-speed 4G line at short notice. For some sites the high-speed IPK line will become the primary line. The main reason I am satisfied with IPknowledge is because I know I can trust them.”


”Not only for the selection of the right local internet line at the right price, but also the provisioning, implementation and maintenance of the service within our global network. By contrast, I have noticed that incumbent Telecommunications Operators often display the mindset/attitude of a monopolist, which is too rigid to suit our needs. Often they are also very expensive.”


”IPK is independent from the Telcos and ISPs, and will really do its best to find an alternative to the Telco ‘last-mile’. They have more focus on meeting our precise needs for connectivity, speed and up-time. For my IT department they are a good fit, as we are now more agile, and we can focus on serving our business better. IPknowledge delivers the internet connectivity that we need.”



”Cordaid combines relief and development aid to help people in the world’s most fragile areas move beyond survival and live in dignity. We often work in locations that are very remote. Our local team is essential for our corporate processes. Transparency, accountability and efficiency is key.”


”When there is no local telecommunications infrastructure, we may deploy satellite links as a last resort. This affects performance of certain mission-critical applications. Also, satellite is expensive. IPknowledge implemented WAN-optimization for remote sites in Africa. The IPknowledge solution was integrated within our existing Cisco Meraki network.”


”Now our local team can make better use of our financial applications. And we are saving satellite costs.
The less we spend on IT, the more we can give to the people who really need it!”