Complexity is ITs enemy

Complexity is ITs enemy

As many are finding out in these times, secure application delivery to home workers can be quite a challenge. Especially for international organizations, meeting the connectivity demands of a globally distributed workforce often is complex. Managing a corporate network across all global sites and remote workers can be quite a challenge. In addition, IT managers and their CIO are facing increasing pressure to reduce cost, even more so today. 

The good news? There is a solution! 

There is an alternative way: The all-in-one ‘Network-as-a-Service’. 

But first we need to move your legacy MPLS and associated networking and security components to the Cloud. In this blog we describe how that can be done.

Complexity is the enemy

The renowned research agency Gartner states: “Complexity is the enemy of availability, safety and agility”. Due to explosive growth of digital data, an increasing number of cyber attacks as well as other technological developments such as Cloud, IOT and AI, complexity poses a serious challenge today. For IT departments this raises the question: Can we still do it all ourselves? Recent media reports on secure management of global networks paint a disturbing picture. For example, how can one know whether a connection in China is safe? Managing many connections and their contracts with many local vendors worldwide can cause sleepless nights for IT managers and Security Officers.

Simplification is key

What would it mean in time and money if it were no longer necessary to manage dozens of different point solutions? Would it not make you sleep well at night to have one solution connecting all your branches, cloud applications and thousands of remote workers in a single secure global cloud environment? With built-in optimization and security for all data traffic between end-users and applications so you can simply enjoy digital performance globally, combined with our 24×7 Service Assurance for a worry free solution. That is what we call ‘Network-as-a-Service’, we have given it a clear name: OneWAN. How it works and what other benefits does it bring? Here you will find the appealing video of our partner CATO Networks.

Expected soon …

Helping organizations to look at IT infrastructure in a different way is part of our core values. We want to be inspiring, help reduce IT spend, provide safer global networks and ensure excellent digital performance for your customers, partners and employees worldwide. Now more than ever. That is why we will regularly share our expertise and experiences. We hope you can use this information in your challenging work in IT.

Do you already do something about too many complexities?

Contact us here if you want to know more about our “Network-as-a-Service”.

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