6 CIO homework challenges

The way we work and do business together is changing very rapidly. Certainly right now, as the majority of the working population suddenly became a home worker, and that applies not only to your Dutch colleagues. Who knows, maybe working from home becomes more appreciated! Head offices and branches of companies see less visits and expensive square meters become unnecessary.…

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Homeworkers and SD-WAN

As we struggle with the implications of Coronavirus, IT professionals are readying themselves for what’s being called the largest work-from-home experiment in human history.  A lot of efforts are currently underway to deploy additional equipment, capacity and processes to accommodate home workers. But is this really necessary?  Several IT managers already had plans to switch to SD-WAN, and therefore ask…

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Tsunami of change in network security

The future of network security is in the Cloud, according to renowned research firm Gartner. The edges of business locations are blurring whilst applications and services are being delivered from the Cloud. Read here where the major changes are taking place and which challenges can be solved by putting your network security in the Cloud. Digital business via apps A…

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Secure Digital Performance worldwide? Use the power of all available networks!

@TATA Communications as Director Sales West Europe, I started to dream:  about my own Telco, worldwide, better than all others... However I always thought: I can't do that, it is too big of a plan. How can I fund such a large investment, and build a global network? Until the moment that I saw: That Uber has no taxis, Booking.com no hotels…

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