The attractive VPN – working anywhere, anytime

What does a CIO, IT manager or IT architect do when almost the entire workforce must be able to work remotely? Often the first reaction is to use the most common technology for remote access, namely Virtual Private Networking (VPN). But whether it is wise to invest in traditional VPN servers in the head office or within the data center…

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6 CIO homework challenges

The way we work and do business together is changing very rapidly. Certainly right now, as the majority of the working population suddenly became a home worker, and that applies not only to your Dutch colleagues. Who knows, maybe working from home becomes more appreciated! Head offices and branches of companies see less visits and expensive square meters become unnecessary.…

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Homeworkers and SD-WAN

As we struggle with the implications of Coronavirus, IT professionals are readying themselves for what’s being called the largest work-from-home experiment in human history.  A lot of efforts are currently underway to deploy additional equipment, capacity and processes to accommodate home workers. But is this really necessary?  Several IT managers already had plans to switch to SD-WAN, and therefore ask…

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Connecting home workers securely, fast and without hassle

The majority of your employees are undoubtedly working at home because of COVID-19. It is now very important that collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Google HangOuts and of course internal applications continue to work optimally in order to guarantee the continuity of business operations. That sometimes presents a considerable challenge. How do you ensure that all applications are easily…

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