Alexander Surkov and Network as a Service 2021

Alexander Surkov and Network as a Service 2021

Our Network-as-a-Service proposition is growing, with wonderful customers such as Bugaboo. To secure service continuity we provide our customers with the right service assurance and support, now and in the future, a heavyweight from the telecom industry has joined our team; Alexander Surkov. What will this reinforcement mean for our customers?

Introducing Alexander

Alexander Surkov passionately devoted his career to the development and operation of international telco networks and connectivity. In addition to his other management positions, he was Chief Technology Officer of a major telecommunications operator. He has led more than 100 FTEs and has deep knowledge of large-scale network operations within both commercial and non-profit organizations. His interest in technology started early; in 1996 he obtained his “Master of Engineering, Telecommunications” from Tashkent University of Information Technologies in Uzbekistan.

Guaranteed service continuity

With his international experience, Alexander knows exactly what customers expect from their network and service provider and how to obtain and orchestrate the required service levels from the multitude of underlying suppliers and providers. Because IPknowledge delivers Network as-a-Service, all-in at fixed monthly costs, he is actively involved in various international network implementations. As an independent party, we take all network concerns off our customers’ hands.

24/7 Digital Performance Center (DPC)

Alexander ensures proactive monitoring of customer networks and services around the world and the professional handling of all service requests. He is convinced that the maximum should be done in digital format, with standardized and automated processes and systems. To implement a digital concept into the operations he has selected and implemented a digital Service Management System. Не says, “The customer just wants to be able to continue doing their core work and no longer worry about IT and telecommunications infrastructure. And the last thing the client would like to take care of how to solve a network problem or service deterioration issue”.

Continuous delivery digital performance is guaranteed 24/7 by the IPknowledge Digital Performance Center (DPC) in Amsterdam. There, critical WAN and security components are monitored day and night by a large team to ensure superior digital performance. As the end responsible for Service Assurance and Support, Alexander and this team continuously monitor the security, quality and performance of global networks and services.

Get to know our entire team?

You will find all of us here. We always appreciate connecting, not just because it is our business…

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