How to achieve maximum resilience in connecting dual-connected sites to the WAN?

Each dual-connected site will establish a robust connection to the Wide Area Network (WAN) to ensure maximum network resilience. This involves implementing a careful strategy to ensure that the primary and secondary connections are not linked to the same Point of Presence (POP). This is crucial because if both connections are reliant on a single POP, a failure at that location could disrupt both connections simultaneously. To avoid such vulnerability, it may be necessary to undertake excavation work in cases where a site has only one meeting point and lacks route diversity. However, it’s important to note that digging for additional connectivity can result in significant costs related to Internet pricing.

As an alternative approach, we offer the option of providing backup connectivity through Radio links and/or 4G networks. These wireless options can serve as reliable backup connections in case the primary connections experience any issues. Our initial pricing for Internet connection always takes into account the importance of route diversity to some extent, ensuring that your network is more resilient. However, to provide complete certainty and tailor our solution to your specific requirements, further research will be conducted once you get in touch with us.

If your site already has Internet connections that offer route diversity, we can leverage these existing connections as part of our proposed solution. This way, we can integrate your current infrastructure into our network design, maximizing efficiency and minimizing any potential disruption during the transition.

In the event that you decide to work with multiple suppliers, we are flexible and can collaborate with any supplier of your choice to operate the solution. However, our ultimate goal is to ensure the solution operates optimally, safeguarding your network’s performance and security. Therefore, if we come across any changes that we deem risky and could potentially cause downtime or impact performance, we will inform you promptly. Our intention is to minimize any negative impact on your operations, achieve network resilience and prioritize a smooth and secure network experience.

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