6 CIO homework challenges

6 CIO homework challenges

The way we work and do business together is changing very rapidly. Certainly right now, as the majority of the working population suddenly became a home worker, and that applies not only to your Dutch colleagues. Who knows, maybe working from home becomes more appreciated! Head offices and branches of companies see less visits and expensive square meters become unnecessary. Is this digital transformation? In any case, it is extra homework for the modern CIO. Read here about 6 challenges that may not make you relax during your morning coffee.

Challenge 1: Money – “Extra Investments, Are They Necessary?”

Investments may currently be made in capacity of your corporate network and the necessary equipment. But is it smart to make those investments in a traditional (MPLS) architecture? Due to increased collaboration via the international internet, SD-WAN, Software Defined WAN, may be a better alternative. This certainly applies when working from home is not an exception, but a rule. This then creates the next challenge:

Challenge 2: Trust – “Which SD-WAN technology is secure?”

In practice, we hear IT managers struggle with the question of which SD-WAN supplier they can trust with regard to the security of their IT infrastructure. Virtually all SD-WAN devices incorporate a firewall, but actual security functionality differs greatly per vendor and device. For many technology vendors it is primarily about replacing the WAN, while security was seen as a separate component. That is why potential SD-WAN customers adjust their RFPs to add the security component themselves. Integration and simplicity play an important role in this.

But does SD-WAN enable working from home ? Read the full story.

Challenge 3: Access – “Remote VPN part of SD-WAN?”

Now we see potential SD-WAN customers adjusting their RFPs to add remote access as a component in addition to the security component. Of course, they could also upgrade their current solution built with traditional VPN concentrators. But is that the best choice? It involves extra costs, security risks and possible delays, just look at the last three challenges:

Challenge 4: Use – “Home worker becomes heavy user”

If the majority of your employees are working from home, they are online most of the working day in most cases. This has a major influence on the over-subscription or contention ratio of the VPN concentrator. Because they have become heavy users, you will also have to make a heavy investment in more simultaneous licenses. But with that also comes more risk of penetrating the company network. Authentication, Identification and (security) monitoring are key to stay secure.

Challenge 5: Security – “100 Extra VPN licenses are like 100 copies of your front door key”

Think of the VPN key as a USB stick that can fall into the wrong hands. Anyone who knows about your company external VPN access is only a password away from essential business applications. The more VPN concentrators, the more difficult to manage, because how do I keep all equipment securely configured? According to Verizon’s 2019 DBIR report, as many as 29% of breaches involved the use of stolen user credentials. Add to that the fact that passwords currently can be stolen in clever ways, as recently happened with ZOOM, and you have a doomsday scenario. Exactly these types of applications are now mainly used at home.

Challenge 6: Digital performance – How to guarantee worldwide?

The more distance between your home workers and their VPN concentrator, the higher the risk of problems with latency and unpredictability of the internet. Are more VPN concentrators needed worldwide or is there another way to prevent a global network of VPN concentrators?

We believe so!

A modern answer as a solution

In today’s digital world, the promise of ‘work everywhere on any device’ becomes the new normal, but it also requires a new foundation. As far as we are concerned, global digital performance and security for remote workers can only be achieved in the Cloud, because that is where you nowadays connect. Your colleagues and business partners are also there!

Our solution: OneWAN.

Additional information needed?

All 10 advantages of OneWAN can be found at the bottom of our previous blog, but of course we are also happy to discuss with you ‘face-to-face’ from our own home-work-place! Let’s meet via Google Hangout via lightning-fast internet connections. Do it now and contact us here.

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